Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oct. 31, 2016

well this week.. was good.. hahahahh no seriously i just love the mission soo much that seriously ever week has its challenges but there isnt a bad week.. this week we were able to improve our goals and we were able to help our investigators...

sooo i know that a few weeks ago when i first got here i told you guys about 2 investigators that had their baptisms scheduled for october... well they have been going through A LOT... but there is always a challenge and that is what makes themission enjoyable... that we dont just flock to the font and baptize a million people but that there are challenges... it makes me realize that this gospel is truly real becuase satan is fight.... HARD! 

but jose and guillermina are going to get there.... it might not be in the next 2 weeks... but they will get there in the time of the lord. but anyways...

WHAT IS UP FAMILY!?''????? LIKE HAVE YOU MISSED ME??? no im kidding... this week it really hit me that these paraguayans are soooooo cool... and that i was sooooo lucky to be able to serve among them. ITS NOT EVEN REAL! but i love you guys... 
this week i had the craziest conversation... soooo jose was talking to us about why we  came here... he is sooo funny he wants to go on a mission soo bad but he is too scared to get baptized (like dont you realize that in order to go on a mission you have to get baptized????) but anyways... he looked at me and said i know that hermana pitts came for this book.. pointing at the book of mormon. 

this got me thinking i truly came on the mission for the book of mormon... that book is sooo amazing. I KNOW THAT IT IS TRUE!!!! ITS AMAZING!!!!! IT BLESSES LIVES!  its changed my life... helped me come to know my savior... what he did for me and how blessed i am! 

its the only way that we can stay firm in the gospel... its teaches of the restoration and the priesthood... its how we are going to stay grasping the iron rod... ITS THE ONLY WAY BACK!!! i love you all and i love this mission

i hope you have the best week ever...

hasta pronto
xoxoxo con amor,

hermana pitts 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Oct. 24, 2016

well this weeek there is not a lot of time c ause we got caught in a rain storm and we just got back to our area... but it was good lots of traveling again.... To encarnacion... looking for apartments. and trying to figure out everthing here... but seriously its soooo crazy these past few months have gone soooooo fast... i can hardly believe it. 

but seriously its already the end of october.... can you believe it!!!!  seriously... i am dying... i love this place... i love paraguay. but seriously this week was a blur... little sleep and lots of long bus rides. but we were able to get home safe and sound. and we are doing well...

SOME THING CRAZY!!! MY COMPS DAD GOT BAPTIZED!!! like what the heck!! ill send you guys a picture seriously such an answer to prayers... 

well you guys are the best. this week i was studying in the doctrine and covenants and i recived revelation hahahaha i was super sad that i couldnt go to argentina my last transfer... but i realized that i was called to this mission.. just like these saints were called in the early days of the church... and i was called here because i was needed in paraguay but i think thta if heavenly father had put paraguay on my call i wouldnt have gone.. but to make me happy he put me in this mission and let me serve among the argentines for a few months... but i am where i need to be and i know that it is here in salto... in paraguay...

but i love you all... have the best week... xoxoxoxo

sorry... there my picutres arent loading!!! i love you

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oct. 17, 2016

this week was good! hahahah we are still completely lost here but thats what makes it fun right?!?! but i really dont have much new.. this week i was sick.... only for a day.. but wow heavenly father is super funny... he is testing the patience... hahahahhah but WHAT  IS NEW WITH YOU GUYS?! 

i feel like its just ground hog day... the semanas are just blending together... but i guess that is what happens when you are more used to the mission than the i will be to the normal life... hahahha

but we are doing well here... i have shopping china... the entire mission knows that if the north americans want to buy things from the states the place to do it is in shopping china...

hahahahhah its this huge store that has Blue diamond almonds and has fun dip and pop rocks... mac makeup... Its the white girls dream ahhahahhaha but what else is cool about saltos?!!!?! Its almost brazil...

but there are lots of young women that this week we are going to take advantage of soo that will be fun!!! but THIS WEEK WE TRAVEL!!! 

to encarnacion.... again. i swear i was a little surprised that i stayed as a hermana leader... but hey the lord has a plan....

but to the good part of my week as always #estudios.... STUDIES!!

this week i was studying a lot about joy... i love joy... its seriuosly the coolest subject... We choose to be joyous.. and our trials make us joyful!!!! seriously that is the reason that we go through trials... becuase we are happy!!! when we are progressing we are happy. when we are being streched and pulled we are happy.

that is why they always say that missionaries are soo happy... because A MISSION IS DANG HARD!!! hahaha but its amazing.. because one goes through soo much.. but there is so much happiness 
But #yolo.... i love this mission. i love the paraguayans... i love when people ask where i am from... and freak out when i am not latina... i love when people confuse me on the phone with my comp... #myaccentisimproving
 I love when the people force feed you to eat rice and beans...
i love people when they dont understand spanish cause they only speak guarani...
i love the portuguese.. i love the chipa guazu...
i love walking... hahahah (this week one day we walked over 15 miles. 
i love the sun.... 
i love when my investigator gets it.. and tells us they want to be baptized...
I love when i can feel the spirit sooo strong and it testifies to me that this work is true. 
i love argentina... i love paraguay. 

seriously if you think... should i go on a mission. GO. Its amazing. You will truly experience the joy that god feels every single time one of us chooses the right... and what we are going to experience when we are with him in the celestial kingdom! 

i love you all..
keep the faith.
xoxoxoxox hermana pitts 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oct. 10, 2016

SALTO.... Wow. hahaha well this week was hecka crazy!!!!! im just telling you... wow. 

i dont have much to tell you other than i spent one day cleaning the pension from top to bottom... cause the elders are awful hahahahha no im kidding. but anyways...
whats new with you guys?!

ill tell you a little bit about salto... so its about 30km north of la paloma... super cerquita from where i was. soooo its not too different other than its the other side of the river from brazil... WOOO hahahah you can buy anything in reais. hahahah (the moneda of brazil.) 

hahahah but the best thing about this area is that we have 2 baptisms... and they ARE SOOOO COOL! 

1. Jose he is this 16 year old that sort of reminds me of PK hahahahah but he is sooo cool! he literally asked us in our first charla... how his grandma who died could be baptized.. #baptismsforthedead
but seriously he is soo prepared. pray for him. he has doubts because his sister is super against the church. but he is excitedly preparing for this next saturday the 22nd. 

then there is guillermina whose hermana just got baptized last week. and we are going to have our first lesson with her tonight! but i am hoping there is a reason that i came here in salto. i know that there are people prepared and that really heavenly father has a plan. 

but I love this mission. i am so grateful for this opportunity that i had to serve. this mission has taught me so much about how we are so dependent on our heavenly father.

this past week we were assigned to study more about joy... i was reading the talk Our Quest for Joy... i love what sister workman says about joy... that its truly our decision and joy and pain go hand in hand. there is a reason that we suffer... and that we have joy... and when we suffer we are truly joyful.. we are able to experience the power of the atonement and the power of our savior.. THAT IS TRUE JOY!!

i love you guys hope you have the best week ever. let me know whats going on in your lives hahahhah 

keep the faith

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oct. 3, 2016

well this week we have cambios... but president decided to white wash us TOGETHER!!! and we will be headed even further.... to the last punto of the mission... #saltodelguaira.

so i will be staying in the same zone... we will just be switching areas with the Zone leaders. It will be a good change. sometimes the areas need it!  I know that the lord has a plan. and now i feel such peace that salto is where i need to be....  but HOW ARE YOU GUYS?! HOW WAS CONFERENCE....

well if you asked me.. with all this technology in paraguay we were able to watch conference.... in spanish... hahahaha well part of it. it cut off like every other word so i didnt get to hear a lot of it... BUT that is what the liahona is for! hahahahha but i loved it! 

this week i was reading in moses wow i love moses.. its soo cool! hes like this young guy that is super righteous and i like to compare it to myself. but anyways i was reading a verse that i loved and it was such a preparation for conference... moses 1:11

 11 But now mine own eyes have beheld God; but not mynatural, but my spiritual eyes, for my natural eyes could not have beheld; for I should have withered and died in his presence; but his glory was upon me; and I beheld hisface, for I was transfigured before him.}

we have human eyes... we dont have spiritual eyes so we must prepare in order to really see our answers... really see the miracles in our lives. we must sanctify ourselves to be able to recieve our answers... just like moses had to prepáre and wash his eyes.. we must prepare ourselves... alright and soo conference already past and we cant prepare ourselves now.. but i like to see it like this also... We have to prepare ourselves.. just like they said about the sacrament... the plan of salvation. everything! i love what sister rousch wrote me this week! that the conference was focused on how we can improve our relationship with our savior. THAT IS THE POINT OF THIS LIFE!!!! we must prepare ourselves to meet our savior.. we must prepare ourselves to do everything! we must live this gospel the best that we can.. so why dont we prepare ourselves.! that is my invitation to you! prepare even more! take advantage of every moment that we have here on earth. 

but anyways... general conference is always amazing and even though i couldnt hear all of it... i loved the themes of the conference. they were all really simple. 

the plan of salvation, repentence, the sacrament.. but i am going to listen this week and i will let you know! hahahaha but i love you all i hope you have a great week! 

keep the faith and dont forget me. 

hahah no im kidding. but i am soo grateful for a family that has taught me so much. for a family that knows and loves this gospel... and has taught me everything. i am grateful that i get to be with you guys forever. you are the best and dont you forget it. GP, mama mel, tgneit and rpitt... cambam and clarence. seriously i dont know where i would be without you guys! 

have the best week

xoxoxoxoxo hermana pitts 😘😘😘😘💞💞

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

well this week i learned a lot.. there were many answers to prayers with the 2 conferences that we were able to have. it was our district conference and our zone conference. 

so i have 2 experiences that i would like to share.... soooo we had our investigator francisca come to church last week.. the one that asked to see the baptismal font. well anyways.. we had the craziest charla with her.. .WHERE SHE TOLD US THAT SHE WANTED TO KNOW WHAT CHURCH TO BAPTIZE IN AND SHE HAD PRAYED AND HAD A DREAM THAT SHE WAS DRESSED ALL IN WHITE!!!! hahahah and she has been looking for that church.. and anyways.. we invited her to pray... I KNOW THAT THIS IS WHAT SHE IS LOOKING FOR!!! 

even though she may not yet. hahahah but she is going to understand i know that she will... 
she is sooo sweet... she wants soo badly to learn but feels that she cant cause she doesnt read... but i know that god does miracles.. and that he is going to help her learn.. her humility makes me soo happy. really truly honestly we all need to be more humble.. and be like francisca... realizing that we are nothing without heavenly father! 

the other experience that really touched me this week was in our district conference... 

there was an hermano that recently was baptized from the rama of the elders... and he is blind... it was soo tender as an elder led him up to the front so he could share his testimony.... as he started to speak and spoke about the book of mormon and the happiness that it brought him... he quoted Moroni 10 perfectly word for word.. the spirit was soo strong and i realized that this hermano that has never been able to read the book of mormon that has never been able to see the pages has a testimony of it.. and knows that it changes lives... I love these people!

but i hope you all had  a great week. i know that this work is true and that it changes lives... it is changing mine! hahahah KEEP THE FAITH!!!

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Well spring comes this week.. and we welcomed it with a lot of heat... hahahahh its starting to get hot down here. 

but this week was definitely an answer to my prayer hahahah i lately have learned.. well actually i have known this my whole life but i lack patience. I am not a very patient person hahahah soo lately i have been praying for patience. annnnnnddd this week i was playing nurse with my comp. hahahha 

SHE HAD STREP. and i had a a whole week to BE BORED. but while i was able to read more than half the new testament almost half of doctrine and covenants and catch up on my journal entries... i was able to learn a lot this week.... 

that patience is truly a virtue. hahaha i now understand the suffering i put through my comp when i had dengue. hahaha but really it truly was a good week!!!! We were able to see a lot of miracles this week. I am soo grateful for this mission because if it has taught me anything it has taught me that god is in our lives. THAT HE LOVES US! and he helps us. seriously even though we werent able to work outside our heavenly father worked miracles in our area. 

yesterday WAS THE SABBATH DAY! ahhahaha but it wasnt just that that made it special... 
so i know you all probably remember matilde that went to the temple a few weeks ago.. well she brought her friend! who was an old investigator... and SHE LOVED IT. at the end of the meeting she asked us if she could see the baptismal font! LIKE OK!?!?!!? CRAZY! but seriously there are things that are starting little by little here in la paloma. i am soo grateful for the things that i have leraned here in this area... 

But this week we travel... AGAIN. and then its GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! ahhhhhhh 

i love you guys.. and i love this work. seriously this is the most important thing that i will ever do. I know that i must enjoy it cause its amazing. I love this gospel and the opportunity that i have to share it! 

have the best week and keep the faith! 

xoxox hermana pitts 

September 12, 2016

this week... i dont think ever went by so fast and yet so slow... hahahahha  but it was good.. and one with a few miracles. first of all i am so grateful to have been able to read a lot of good letters today... wow.. my friends and family that are in the mission are incredible examples to me and im grateful for everyone.

this week was wildddddd. so 1. sunday night we went all the way to encarnacion.... then we had our consejo and were waiting in CDE until friday to have our zone conference...

soooo wednesday thursday and friday were supposed to be in cde... but there was an accident in argentina and president couldnt come up to CDE so in 2 weeks we are heading back there de nuevo... hahahaha wow... but while we were away heavenly father was working miracles up here. 

so i have just been praying for a baptism.. ahhh ive just been fasting and praying that heavenly father can help us find the person that he has been preparing..
and about 2 months ago we were teaching this girl who has been investigating the church for a while since she was 11 years old.. but there was always an obstacle for her to be baptized. her mom... her husband.. but now...

we ended up dropping her and then a month ago i kept getting this thought "go visit Karina" and i never followed it cause i was dumb... but this week... i had it again... and i thought i have to do it.. and i am soo glad that we did! 

we invited her to be baptized... i love inviting people to be baptized.. at first its a little nerve wracking.. and little scary.. but i love it cause we are inviting people to come unto christ and to change their lives... that is soo cool!!!!! we are the only people in the whole world that actually do that...we bring this message to people so that they can change their lives! 

soo pray for karina that all goes well in her road to change.. she is super cute.. a single mom that just had a baby 2 weeks ago!!!!! she needs this message more than anyone! 

yesterday was amazing too.. even though we only had a few days working in our area this week.. and less sleeping in our own beds... hahahhahha god is a god of miracles... he worked miracles up here. WE HAD 6 INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH!!!! i was sooo happy! we are seeing some fruits here in la paloma... and i am excited to see how this week goes. 

I think the greatest thing that i learn on the mission is how much our heavenly father is in our lives he loves us.. and helps us.. he is there for us... and i am so grateful for this experience to be able to learn that! i love you all have the best week and keep the faith

xoxoxo hermana pitts

Friday, September 9, 2016

September 5, 2016

well this week was a good one.. and it was one for the record books.. because you wouldnt believe how many postres i made... from no bake cookies.. to peanut butter. but it was another week that tested my patience...

sooo monday was KILLER.. well we were able to have a noche de hogar and descansar. but anyways...

tuesday and wednesday were definite trials of my patience.. sooo hna palomares has a lot of problems with her tummy.. poor thing.. its hard in paraguay where we practically drink oil because everything is  sooo deep fried... ahahhahah and soo since she got here to paraugay from argentina she has been suffering from the food.... its a little bit more heavy here.. but anyways. she was really bad tuesday and wednesday so we hardly left the pension...

THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME IN MY MISSION THAT I HAVE HAD TO STAY IN THE PENSION WITHOUT LEAVING FOR 2 DAYS STRAIGHT... i almost went crazy.. i am not going to lie.. i dont know how i am going to be able to do it in such short time.. just sitting down... WHO KNEW I HAD ADHD.... seriously..
but when there isnt much to do in a 10x10 apartment.. i was able to try quite a few dessert recipes ahhahaah but i was also able to study a lot in the doctrine & covenants which i recently started to read again.. 

WOW... I LOVE THAT BOOK! its sooo cool... super legao but i love something that i read this week. 

 10 Recordad que el valor de las almas es grande a la vista de Dios;
 11 porque he aquí, el Señor vuestro Redentor padeció lamuerte en la carne; por tanto, sufrió el dolor de todos los hombres, a fin de que todo hombre pudiese arrepentirse y venir a él.
 12 Y ha resucitado de entre los muertos, para traer a todos los hombres a él, mediante las condiciones delarrepentimiento.
 13 ¡Y cuán grande es su gozo por el alma que se arrepiente!
 14 Así que, sois llamados a proclamar el arrepentimiento a este pueblo.
 15 Y si acontece que trabajáis todos vuestros días proclamando el arrepentimiento a este pueblo y me traéis aun cuando fuere una sola alma, ¡cuán grande será vuestro gozo con ella en el reino de mi Padre!
 16 Y ahora, si vuestro gozo será grande con un alma que me hayáis traído al reino de mi Padre, ¡cuán grande no será vuestro gozo si me trajereis muchas almas!
 17 He aquí, tenéis mi evangelio ante vosotros, y mi roca y mi salvación.
Its in spanish.. but you get the point hahahah D&C 18 go read it... we have his gospel right before us.. and we are the only ones that have the power to share it! 

 yeah i am soo grateful for all of you guys. seriously you have changed my life and so has this mission. this week we were able to have a amazing experience with a couple.. that was a reference from a member! Pray for mariela and juan carlos... they have such potential.. its crazy that the second that i met them.. and it is that way for everyone here i just feel this love and desire for them to progress in the gospel. i know that this is the way that we can be happy i have seen it in my life. here on the mission especially! i knowt hat its real. 
i love you..

share the gospel this week... its Super good for you! ahahhahaah 
but too we are in encarnacion today and the rest of this week. soo pray for me to have a cool story to tell next week! hahahha im super excited tomorrow is consejo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooo but
keep the faith
xoxoox hermana pitts 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 22, 2016

well this week is transfers.. and i will be staying LA PALOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but get this.. so this zone has been 8 missionaries for a while.... 6 elders and 2 sisters.... but WE NOW HAVE MORE SISTERS IN THE ZONE! WOOO as hermana lider i will have more sisters to take care of.. hahahah but 

ESCUCHE....... THEY ARE BOTH PERUANAS... hahahhahahah and then my comp is peruana... I was dying its just going to be me and all the peruvians here in the middle of paraguay-brasil.. but dont be too worried if in 6 weeks i am peruvian.. hahahhah no im kidding.
my companion will be hermana palomares! i dont know her super well... but she is super sweet... she is kinda quiet but hermana merchan says that she cooks....... A LOT. soo i think we will be a good pare.. hahahahahha but she seems super sweet! so im excited to get to know her better! 

Im super excited to get a second chance here in la paloma.. seriously i am excited to keep working and helping the investigators that we have in this branch! We are currently working with the same people but this past week we were able to find 13 new investigators... it was seriously exactly what we needed.. and now with a new fresh start with hermana palomares! i am excited for this next week! its going to be a crazy transfer.. with stuff every week! ahhahaha lots of divisions and lots of viajes... 

This past week we had quite a few crazy experience.... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT POURED EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK! Seriously poured.. but with the lots of rain drops there were lots of blessings! 

1. WE did something that we call divisions GUAZU.... which means that all of us switch areas for a day and everyone works in a different area.. but since there are only 2 sisters in the zone... the elders did a white wash here and we did a whitewash in salto del guiara which is the city that is on the border with brazil... anyways it was super fun being there and reliving my time in CDE a little bit... but the elders went to our investigator that some what dropped us to visit with his wife too that goes to the temple this week... ADILSON AND MATILDE... sooo long story short... adilson recieved a preisthood blessing and we were able to see some progress.. that was the real miracle with him.. THAT HE ASKED FOR A BLESSING!!!!!!!!! And It just soo happened that a brazilian elder was there and could give it to him in portuguese!!!!!!!!

2. The branch presidents ex daughter in law came to town with there grand daughter to visit and she brought her niece that speaks straight up portugues..... soooooo she was hooked at our hips and we were able to explain a little bit of the book of mormon and she said that she would try to read it and find out more! SOOOOO COOOOOL... its crazy that we can all be speaking different languages but the gospel is the same.. its touches the hearts and changes lives. I love it! 

Well family these are just a few few of the many experiencese that i had this week. i am so grateful for this opporutninty to serve! it seriously is the best and i know that this is the lords work!

i love your letters.. shoot me one.. I love you!

God speed the right....
keep the faith

hermana pitts 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aug. 15, 2016

Seriously time is just flyying. This week was good. we were able to find more people to teach. but we had interviews. we were schedule to have our interviews at 1 in the afternoon.. while we get a call at 9:30 that president wants to see us at 10.... in salto which is 25 mins away...

sooo we seriously left our house running... but we got there at 10:05 and entered our interviews... 

hahahah it was good! but a lot different than presdient la pierre.. but i am sure he is just getting the hang of things still.. i mean where are we at 6 weeks in the mission. but we were able to talk about these last few transfers that i have and got to know each other more. 

but these weeks i am going to be honest. have been hard.. I sometimes get home and cant keep myself from getting on my knees and complaining... but really i know that the lord gives us the strength that we need. Next week will be transfers and most likely my companion is leaving the area.. she will leave me to teach the area to someone else.. but the thing that is hard is that we have dropped almost all of our investigators... 

i am kinda nervous becausue we have been searching but no one is progressing.  but i know that god is going to give a miracle. that he is going to help us help us recognize the person that he has prepared. Everytime that i feel that way.. hopeless and a little bit overwhelmed. I just remember the promise that moroni has given us in ether 12... that if we keep working and keep going the witness will come. I dont mean to tell you the bad things about my week.. but i will let you know that when we have challenges.. god is still there. because i have still be able to see the hand of the lord in my life. 

this next week will be a good one. i know that this is the lords work and that he has a plan for every single one of us.. every single person here in la paloma and the branch here.. he has a plan for me and my mission and i know that he is there! 

i love you keep the faith

xxoxo hermana pitts

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Aug. 8, 2016


wow... i swear this transfer has gone by in a blink of an eye...
HOW ARE YOU GUYS?!?!?! hope everything is good and hot back at home nice and hot... if you can believe it its the middle of the winter and its about 75 80 degrees outside... sometimes i think how did we do it in the summer... but its all good here! 

hahaha well la paloma.. this week was full of lots of challenges... but sometimes those are the blessings from the lord in disguise... 

but alright soo here in the dove of the holy spirit.. (LA PALOMA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO) literally its called the dove of the holy spirit... but we shorten it to la paloma. hahahhaha  this week we were able to work a lot with the members which was awesome... we were able to double our lessons with member sooo that was a miracle... 

one of the menos activas that we have been working with her name is matilde... SHE ISSSSS SOOOOO COOL. So matilde started coming back to church in may... when i got here... 
she had problems before cause she worked on sundays but she recently changed her job and now is amazing..... ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD SHE IS GOING TO THE TEMPLE TO RECEIVE HER ENDOWNMENTS IN 2 SEMANAS!!!!

SOOO crazy... seriously its sureal... sometimes as missionaries we are soo focused in the work of finding and teaching but seriously one the miracles this week was matilde.. even though a lot of our investigators werent home and we werent able to teach a lot matilde really showed the spirit of missionary work this week.. and it makes me even more excited to be able to see her go through the temple.. knowing that she really loves this gospel... so anyways matilde calls us on saturday during lunch and asks if we could come to her house later that day.. we thought that she had a question or something but... SHE TOOK US TO HER FRIENDS HOUSE FOR A CHARLA... WOW... i love when people are excited to share the gospel... IT was amaziong...  she is sooo cool...but her friends name is cecilia and is this brazilian that her daughter left a few weeks back.. and she really has been seeing the hand of god in her life... it will be an adventure to be able to teach her.... (living about 7 km away from our house... BUT I HAVE FAITH!!) but really I am soo grateful for the hand of the lord in our lives... 

Sometimes its hard to see... sometimes i just think... ahhhh heavenly father you are pushing me... pushing my faith but really truly honestly ether 12:6 is real...  the miracles come after the trial of our faith... 

but i love you guys.. Pray for the people here in la paloma.. they need it! we need to find those that are truly prepared to hear this gosepl. I love you all and hope you have the best week ever... 

keep the faith 

hasta la proxima.... 

xoxoxoo hermana pitts 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1, 2016

HELLO. I hope you didnt forget about me this week.. hahaha no im kidding... but wow... i hope you all are doing well.. this week was good. 

I cant remember much.. im sorry. i need to really think about what i am going to say before i get on to write but sometimes i get to the computer and my mind goes blank about what happened this week. but that is ok! we saw miracles and we saw gods hand in our lives and i think that is really what matters.

I am blown away seriously about how much my feelings about heavenly fathers love for me have been strengthen.. SERIOUSLY HE LOVES ME SOO MUCH. HE HAS GIVEN ME SOO MUCH. 
Everyday i wake up and just think wow... im soo lucky. this is the biggest opportunity that i have been given and never in my life i thought i would be where i am... in the middle of a farm town on the brazilian border of paraguay... speak a different language and understanding 3 others... 

I never thought that i would get to know these people that are just soo happy. Never thought i would be soo grateful for a dish washer and carpet. for a family that has been sealed in the temple and where all my sisters are my best friends.  i dont know how or why my heavenly father has blessed me soo much. 

I love this opportunity that i have had to be able to grow. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. for those of you who are doubting the mission who are on the mission in a time when its hard... IT GETS BETTER... IT FLYYYS... You will look back and just think what happened.. i blinked and 3 months passed. hahhahahahahhahaha but seriously and those who are thinking about going... GOOOOO get out of here.. seriously you will love it. I love this place. i love guarani... i love portugues... i love spanish.. i love this work. its the lords work. and its the best thing that we can be doing! 

i love you all have the best week ever.. keep the faith

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 25, 2016

alright soo this week was a lot of frustration and little sleep... but really there is no day more joyous than sunday.... 

this week we spent a lot of time in buses with headlice and holes in the floor... but we lived... no im kidding but we did spend a lot of time in colectivos. but we got into encarnacion had a day where i was able to visit some of my converts and then WE HAD OUR MEETING. 

wow..... this mission is getting ready for a 180---- which will be super good but we have some serious metas for baptisms.. 

but wow 4 days of TRAVELING!!!!!! we had consejo with president svec and it was cold in encarnacion... other than that my week was normal. 

hahahahah but alright to the good stuff! sunday was GLORIOUS! even though we werent in the area for 6 days there were people that came to church and its been so cool to see the progress in the rama.. there is one family that has been reactivating and now they are going to the temple in a few weeks! like sooooo awesome. she is finally going to the temple after like 20 years and the branch presidnet said that he is going to give her a calling! 

i love this work.. its crazy that even though we were exhausted and at a point where we hadnt slept in a few days and had travelled over 20 hours in just a few days.... there were so many miracles. that is what the mission is MIRACLES!!!!

but alright today i was studying about the priesthood.. seriously i love this topic... its amazing that this power that god gives to worthy men here on earth is the same power that he used to create the world.. to resurrect us in the future.... he used to move mountains to part the red sea... all these amazing miracles and we have that power. 

i was thinking about all the gifts and blessings that i have been given through the priesthood.... 

1. baptism... that my baptism opened the door for me to be on the right path to my heavenly father...
2. the gift of the holy ghost.. i dont know what i would do with out this gift. HOLY COW. 
3. the sacrament.. every week to start over again and have a nice clean slate.
4. my patriarchal blessing.. i seriously think this is the most important.. no im kidding but seriously i love my patriarchal blessing i have already seen things that have been fulfilled and its crazy i know that it is personal scripture for every one of us! 
5. that my covenants in the temple are valid and were actually made. holy cow i wouldnt be alive here in paraguay with out the divine help that i have been given through the covenants that we make in the temple... seriously i am sooo excited to be able to go back and remember all the promises that we have been given. 

these are just 5 of the blessings that i have seen in my life recently from the priesthood.. really there are so much more... #healingthesick but i am so grateful for you big greg... thank you for being a worthy priesthood holder... and for Tgneit that too is another worthy priesthood leader.. its soooo important! i am so grateful to be surrrounded by a ful laso de poseedores del sacerdocio.... 

i love you all and know that i know that we have the truth. we have the power of god! we are a powerful people! we were made to do this. that is why we are here on the earth! 

keep the faith and remember who you are.

xoxox hermana pitts 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 11, 2016

No seriously i love this area... its amazing and this week was one of the best and fastest of my mission.. i know i say it every week.. but where did july go... we are already 11 days into it.. its feels like it should still be may.. but no the weeks and the months are flying. 

so this week we wont be changing! we wont have transfers...WOOOOO hermana merchan and i will be staying in la paloma! 
but this week: 
so there is this investigator that is seriously my best friend.. i love her..... 

Clara. so Clara has been meeting with the missionaries for almost 3 years now... she is what you would call an investigador antiguo.... muy antigua but her problems is that she is living with a menos activo that was going to go on a missoin but instead hooked up with her and they arent married... BUT THIS WEEK SHE TOLD US SHE IS GETTING MARRIED AND BAPTIZED IN AUGUST! 

seriously such a milagro so we are planning a lot! we have a wedding!! WE HAVE A WEDDING! im super excited clara is sooo prepared she has been going to church every week for the past 2 years.... ahhh i am so lucky to be the missionary to be able to see the fruits. SUCH MIRACLES. but PLEASE PRAY A LOT FOR THEM! Luis is started to come back to church but they need a lot of faith to be able to get through the trials.. but all such a miracle..

there is also another investigator right now too that is ANNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTIIIIIGUO. seriously super old like 8 years of missionaries in their house... and he is progressing he has a fecha por august.... PRAY A LOT!!! i have good feelings for this tranfers.. we are going to see a lot of miracles. 

but really what i have realized is that the mission is full of miracles whether they are big or small.. just like our lives. sometimes we notice them and other times we dont... other times its a lot harder but they are there! I love this work because it helps me to know that heavenly father is in our lives. 

just like mama meli said.... the mission really teaches you that you as an individual are important to our heavenly father... seriously its amazing his love for just one of us.... he knows what is going on.. and as i am learning right now.. he remembers even hermana pitts here in the middle of paraugay. that she is trying her best and that she cant do this alone... he is helping! 

i love this gospel. I know its true... i know that i say this every week but its soo true.. we are here doing the lords work.. helping him achieve his glory.. to bring his hijos back to him! I love you all hope you have the best week

eu te amo....


xoxooxo hermana pitts 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

JULY 4th, 2016

again pday has come way too fast... but this week was super great... a little bit of everything. 

The mission is full of all sorts of suprises... so this week president la pierre left on tuesday back to the US of A. holy cow... I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL HAPPY DAY AMERICA.... I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. 

but presidente svec... got here and started his tour of the mission. wednesday night we get a call that we are to travel the next day to meet president svec.. so it was off to cde.... where we had our first reunion with presidente svec.  

he is short and chubby.. hahahahhahahh he doesnt speak a lick of english but he seems like he his going to help the mission alot...but he pretty much told us that he was excited and that he is now going to let us drink mate and play soccer.. hahahahha but i am super excited.. his wife is a doll... but its definitly going to be different... but hey he only has a week here in the mission so how much can they do ahhahahah im sure in a few weeks it will be even more changes. but he is excited and we are excited and that is what counts! 

but this week was a week of miracles.... sooooo first of all this area is little and lots of people know the missionaries but god was too merciful this week and gave us soo many blessings.... 

right now we are working with a lot of familias partiales where one member of the family is member or less active... ignacia is a women whos husband well they arent married but her spouse is the brother of our branch president and is less active... IGNACIA TOLD US THAT SHE WANTED TO BE BAPTIZED!!!! and so we are working with them on getting married... THey have been coming to church for the past 3 weeks and soo i hoping that in the next month she can get baptized... of course there are a lot of obastacles but there always are.. satan knows that this is something that is going to change there lives  sooo he works twice as hard.. but 

tooo we are working with adilson a brazilero.. that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOLLL... he is amazing.. seriously this guy wants to change... but he is struggling to find his answer... he prays... and this week we found the BOM on tape in portuguese.. and his wife said that he hasnt stopped listening since we gave it to him! but it was awesome.. such a blessing because it takes like 4 hours to download it and we just so happened to have it already downloaded on the comp... but holy cow.... seriously i love the mission because we are able to see gods hand in not only our own lives but in the lives of others.. 

the weather has been amazing... warm sunny and yesterday we were able to have all of our investigators in church.. seriously i feel soo lucky to be here. i dont know why heavenly father blessed us so much this week.. but i love the miracles of the mission and i love when i get the chance to see the changes in people.. that really the gospel changes them and makes them happier... that is the gospel. 

i love you all.. have the best week ever! 

i know that this gospel is everything.. its how we find the happiness... its how we are able to be happy! i love you all keep the faith and dont forget him!!! 


xoxoxo hermana pitts