Monday, September 19, 2016

September 12, 2016

this week... i dont think ever went by so fast and yet so slow... hahahahha  but it was good.. and one with a few miracles. first of all i am so grateful to have been able to read a lot of good letters today... wow.. my friends and family that are in the mission are incredible examples to me and im grateful for everyone.

this week was wildddddd. so 1. sunday night we went all the way to encarnacion.... then we had our consejo and were waiting in CDE until friday to have our zone conference...

soooo wednesday thursday and friday were supposed to be in cde... but there was an accident in argentina and president couldnt come up to CDE so in 2 weeks we are heading back there de nuevo... hahahaha wow... but while we were away heavenly father was working miracles up here. 

so i have just been praying for a baptism.. ahhh ive just been fasting and praying that heavenly father can help us find the person that he has been preparing..
and about 2 months ago we were teaching this girl who has been investigating the church for a while since she was 11 years old.. but there was always an obstacle for her to be baptized. her mom... her husband.. but now...

we ended up dropping her and then a month ago i kept getting this thought "go visit Karina" and i never followed it cause i was dumb... but this week... i had it again... and i thought i have to do it.. and i am soo glad that we did! 

we invited her to be baptized... i love inviting people to be baptized.. at first its a little nerve wracking.. and little scary.. but i love it cause we are inviting people to come unto christ and to change their lives... that is soo cool!!!!! we are the only people in the whole world that actually do that...we bring this message to people so that they can change their lives! 

soo pray for karina that all goes well in her road to change.. she is super cute.. a single mom that just had a baby 2 weeks ago!!!!! she needs this message more than anyone! 

yesterday was amazing too.. even though we only had a few days working in our area this week.. and less sleeping in our own beds... hahahhahha god is a god of miracles... he worked miracles up here. WE HAD 6 INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH!!!! i was sooo happy! we are seeing some fruits here in la paloma... and i am excited to see how this week goes. 

I think the greatest thing that i learn on the mission is how much our heavenly father is in our lives he loves us.. and helps us.. he is there for us... and i am so grateful for this experience to be able to learn that! i love you all have the best week and keep the faith

xoxoxo hermana pitts

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