Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016

wow... seriously i swear the weeks just go by faster and faster and i never know how to start these emails.. 1. i love you guys with all my heart. seriously your the best and thanks for everyone who emailed me this week.. it really makes a girl feel special to see that people havent forgotten about her all the way down here in the middle of south america. 

but 2. the mission is amazing. i am so grateful every single day to my heavenly father for the opportunity to serve.. IT CHANGES LIVES. 

but alright this week was a crazy one... sooooooooo we had to travel for our last zone conference with president lapierre but because our zone is soo small we had to do it in CDE... 

it was seriously amazing... its going to be really hard to have this change... in the wise words of president lapierre... its now or never... they are taking our parents away from us... leaving us stranded and then giving us other parents expecting us to just be ok with it... but its happening whether we like it or not hahahaha but yup our zone is 8 elders and then us 2 hermanas... its a little crazy.. hahahahah 

the elders are elders but it was fun to travel with them.. but as leaders we had to plan it all i was super worried that it wasnt going to work out... cause somtimes there is just no time to plan and prepare.. but it was amazing! seriously one of the most spiritual moments that i have had. 

ill just make a quick note about what we talked about.. there is never enough time on pdays. hahahahha but anyways... i love what we talked about... 

THE BLESSINGS OF THE GOSPEL IN OUR LIVES. THAT WE HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF THIS MOMENT! seriously i have been dreaming of this moment to wear a nametag and share this message with the paraguayans... I AM LITERALLY LIVING THE DREAM! 

i love you guys.. and i know that this work is where i need to be. i know that god is in charge. and that he loves us.. this is his work and seriously i have dreamed of this moment since i was little to be able to be a missionary! AND NOW I AM HERE!!! WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but i love you all i hope you have the best week and keep on keeping on! sorry that this was soo short as it is everysingle week! there are just so many things to say and not enough time to write! hahahahahha 
but i love you 

xoxox hermana pitts 
ps next week ill do a voice recording! hahahahah 


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 20, 2016

WHAT IS UP!?! WHAT IS NEW??! im still here in the middle of paraguay i couldnt point out where i am on the map but im alive hahahha no im kidding... but wow this week was super great! 

GUESS WHO HAD NOCHE DE HOGARES PLANNED EVERY NIGHT?!?!?! ya you got that right this girl.... 
but yeah sooo this week we have been working and finding and searching....
its crazyy how the mission is... like sometimes i think wow im soo tired but they i just have to snap a pic or take a vid of how tired i am or how cold it is... its soooo weird the mission.. to think i am walking the streets of paraguay every single day calling people to repentence.. but how cool is that!!! hahaah to all of you that are in the mission with a hard comp... with a hard area.. without baptisms... struggling.. JUST REMEMBER IT ENDS. BUT SERIOUSLY I LOVE THIS PLACE DOWN TO THE BARE FOOT PRINTS IN THE MUD AND WHEN THEY DONT READ THEIR PAMPHELTS because they only speak guarani.... 

I JUST LAUGH.. these people are amazing... 

this week was awesome... we planned a lot and it all went through!!!! SCORE. seriously i was a bit surprised.. but anyways... 
the highlight of my week... so mom, dad... remember the video together forever that you made us watch right down to the cheesy 80s music... well we only have 1 video in our house... the other hermanas stole them all..... and well its that one so this week i have watched it a total of 6 this week... and i have it basically memorized... 

for those of you that have not seen it... GO WATCH IT!!! ITS KILLER!!! hahahah its 30 minutes of pure joy with songs and some good looking 80s clothing... #loafers. #bigbows. but seriously at first i thought... oh no.... what are we going to share its about family and marriage... but GUESS WHAT IT APPLIES TO EVERYONE!!!! 
so with our many noche de hogares we shared this video everynight.... hahahahhahh its soo great the mission. I love this place.. but back to together forever.. sooo i had a bit of revelation this week about how amazing the gospel is... 
Just like you sare i was studying and learning a lot about how the gospel is for everyone.. its the plan of our padre celestial.. es su plan!!!!  seriously its the remedy for everything.. marriage problems??? the gospel... job problems?? the gospel... problems on the mission?? the gospel... as we come to know our savior and to feel of his love for us we are able to get through it all... that doesnt mean that we are not going to suffer and its not going to hurt us but its possible...we have the hope to press forward. that is what i learned this week... that we are given the gospel because it the answer for everything.. if we live it... we will be able to be saved... receive eternal life... find happiness and its soo true.. here on the mission i am living the gospel more sincerely than i was before and i have never been sooo happy... I know that its true i know that you all can be happy we just need to put the gospel into action in our lives. repent... find the faith through scriptures... serve those around us... go to church... remember that we are built to make it through we are built to be celestial beings.... 

i love this mission it has taught me soo much!!! i love you all 

ps.. shout outs to big greg happy fathers day daddy! youre the best and i am so grateful to come from a family with a daddy that holds the priesthood... and that is worthy of it!!! you rock!!!!!! cant wait for that big hug from big greg.... 

AND CLAIRELA... dude mom says you kill it in tennis! you are killer you rock!!! keep kicking the behinds of the other chicas... as the paraguayans would say... MIRA UN POCO... mi hermanita esta grande ya..... 

les amo muitoo... familia.... 

i love you all rohayhu paraguay... familia 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Jun 13, 2016

Well im dont have a lot of time today.. but i just wanted to tell you that i love you all..

i love sarah´s letter... because truly the mission is sooo great. never have i been soo tested in my life. but that is what the mission is made of.. hard times and sweet times. 

but today i just wanted to tell you that i love you all soo much i hope you have the best week ever. remember why we are here in the earth. TO LOVE!!!! to love each other... to love our savior and to love our heavenly father... to do everything that he has asked us because we love him. 

Some highlights from this week 
1. we traveled 20 hours in 3 days.... WOOOOOOOO hahahh i was in encarnacion the semana pasada.

2. VALENTIN CAME TO CHURCH!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I was sooo happy. valentin is a youngster that we are teaching.. but he has such desires to change his life.. i swear the kid has been through soo much. but he was able to come to chruch and be in the reunion sacramental... super amazing.. i love the spirit and the way it touchs people and their hearts.

3. compre almonds. blue diamond... hahahahha THE BESSSSSTTTTTTTTTT

but i love you all  
have the best week 
xxoxoxo hermana pitts 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016

oi etou en la paloma falando un poquinho portugues. ahahahha but seriously where do i even begin other that right now im in encarnacion AGAIN. hahahah what has happened this week. 

sooooo day one in la paloma... we had transfers and my comp and i stayed in CDE one more night woke up early to catch the bus and ended up waiting 2 and a half hours to catch it.... but we finally got up there to LAAAA PAAAALLOOOOOOMMMMA. wow. i dont even know how to describe it but im practically in brasil 

but first of alll My comp... SHE IS THE BEST. im seriously i freakin love her... last week she told me she had a dream about transfers and that she never thought it would come true because i was her comp... Hermana Merchan is from ecuador and She is killer. Wow every morning we just feel like we are on divisions.. its not real. 

Day 2 in la paloma... we got there the pension SUPER SMALL but super nice... is behind the house of member so i feel very priveleged being the only hermanas in the entire zone and the only missionaries in the branch but we started our first day and lets just say im preaching to the cattle... there is about as many cows as there are people... and the smell is super great (said sarcastically) but anyways 

day 3 we are doing good in la paloma soo a few things about the place. in my first 3 days i had 5 charlas in portuguese... like what!?!?!?! when you speak spanish they respond back in portuguese... or guarani take your pick... also there is a new evangelical church everyday... seriously the people there have a lot of influence from brazil. but the food is great there is someone to wash our clothes and me and hermana merchan are ready to get to work... 

but other than that really my life hasnt changed much.. still preaching the gospel... i cant believe how fast time is going.. i am so grateful for this opportunity to represent my savior it seriously is the best.. these last few days i have just realized that we have the gospel.. here there are a lot of people that think that god doesnt want us to cut our hair or that we have to use skirts 24 7 but no we are gods church and this is the only church that does it gods way. i love this gospel and i love this work. i hope you guys have a great week. just remember that really honestly we work by example.. remember who you are and what you represent. our family, the church and most importantly our savior. 

have a great week xoxoxo hermana pitts 

May 30, 2016

well good things always come to an end.... BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT guess what?!?! im headed to the closest place i can get to brazil and the furthest from the mission home #10hoursbybus hahahha im headed to LA PALOMA!!!!! 

but alright to the good stuff.... this week was hard. not going to lie. It really put me to the test here... rain and citas falling right and left. but the great thing about being here in the mission is you realize what you are made of... and i cant believe how when you make it past a hard week you just realize wow... I DID IT! 

Today i studying about moroni in alma 48.... how cool is moroni?? he is the perfect disciple of christ and through the spirit he was able to animate the armies to be able to fight harder. SOOO COOL... then i started thinking about how we as missionaries are called to do that for other people... help them change... help them have hope CHEER THEM ON. hahhahah my inner cheerleader started coming out... and i realized how much i learned those many years cheering on others... seriously how cool it is to cheer for someone that is making the changes someone that is scoring in their own lives. and then sometimes when we are losing and satan and our natural man is winning... WE HAVE TO CONTINUE CHEERING! we cant stop... hahahah 

but anyways this week was good. i love you all and hope you have the best week ever... wish me luck with the portugese and fijao Love you alll

keep the faith 

xoxoxo hermana pitts