Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

Wow this week was hecka crazy... seriously i never thought i was going to make it out alive.. and come sunday we were dead. 

sooo as hermana liders we are supposed to do divisions with every hermana and guess who waited until the last minute. yup thats right.... havent changed much. but anyways... we had to do 2 divisons this week and plan victors baptism. 

but IT ALL WORKED OUT!!!!!! serious that is one thing that i am beginning to learn in my mission is that it will all work out how god wants it to.. and that i cant stress. but 

really satan was working on us this week... and not as much on victor which was a blessing... but i love baptisms. 

hahaha i dont have much else to tell you other than the baptism was amazing.. and i have never seen anyone who was more prepared to be baptized and to be a member of the church. HE IS AMAZING!!! but as we were waiting for him to come back out i just got this overwhelming feeling about how this is truly the lords kingdom on the earth. that this was how our savior was baptized. and we have the authority to be able to preform saving ordinances. 

i am so grateful for this knowledge i am so grateful for a dad that is a worthy priesthood holder.. i am so grateful for that confirmation that i received this saturday. 

i love you all i hope you all know how much this gospel means to me. i am so happy to have it in my life and to be here..... 

(i didnt want to mention it but its a little crazy how long i have been here.....#oneyear) 

i love this mission. i love this gospel have a good week

xoxooxo hermana pitts 

 Hermana Lopez
 Victor's Baptism
Hermana Lopez

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

I swear the weeks just go by faster and faster... as i sit here in this little cyber eating my 50 cent (imported) pop rocks and listening to mariachi music im so grateful to be where i am. this week and just about every week are getting more and more sentimental seriously i cant believe the changes that are happening. 

but enough with this trunkie gushy stuff... VICTOR GETS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK. 

seriously i know that i keep talking about it...but i dont think you realize how big of a miracle this is.. (in my opinion all baptisms are miracles) but im just soo happy for him. ive really seen him change. have desires to become better andnow look.. he is going to make a covenant with our heavenly father. 

but this week has been a little bit rougher other than victors baptism. we have been working a lot with them members which is good but sometimes its hard to depend on someone and have it fall through. but we are working hard... so that is all that matters. but 

today i was studying matthew 5-7 and 3 nephi 12-14 the sermon on the mount. its super interesting... i always thought that it was the same like isaiah in 2nd nephi... the same word for word..but the doctrine is the same. soooo why is it different?? why didnt christ teach it the same... because the doctrine is the same but the people he was teaching were different. THE BOOK  OF MORMON IS WRITTEN FOR US! its written for the problems we face today!!!! 

in the bible in the sermon on the mount it explains the higher law... but really those people werent concerned about why we do those things... they just did it..they were used to the law of moses. but when christ came he fulfilled the lower law but the higher law is more than just doing the things... completeing the commandments its change... ITS THE ATONEMENT. and that is what is explains the book of mormon HOW!!! HOW WE CAN CHANGE!

I know that this church is true i know that seriously READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. if you are doubting your testimony... or life is toom uch or you just feel hopeless... if you dont know what to do... you are lost.... READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. the answers are there!!! 

i love you guys and i am so greatful for this mission even though this is the hardest thing that ive done... i am thankful for the good weeks and the bad... the hard times and the deepest sorrows. I am thankful for my savior and this message that we share about him... its the truth

love you guys have a good week and keep the faith

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 9, 2016

hahahahha but anyways. soooo it was great to to talk to you fam. i seriously love you guys and am so greatful for all that you have done. seriosuly they should have a contest for number 1 family... cause you would win the big prize. hahahah 

well this week was a feast of miracles and a super trunky dessert.. but its always a pleasure to talk to you guys. seriously i miss ya. 

but ok... soo i already told you majorly what happened but i just wanted to give a quick shout out to BIG GREG. man thanks daddy for the photos... AND GUESS WHAT?!?!? i bought a matching hammock a few weeks back sooo get ready.. the paraguayan hammock will preview november 2016 (resevere your tickets now) #betterkeepaspotforme.

but yeah i love you guys... i hope you have the best week ever. i know with all my heart that this is the true church and living gospel on the earth. i am sooo happy to be part of the ranks here. i know that we are in the battlefield fighting for the right and i know that heavenly fahtehr is helping us every step of the way!

i love you and i love this work. 
keep the faith 

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016

well wow... its may...that means mother´s day and a year here in the mission. seriously can time pass by any faster. i swear just yesterday i was in high school and starting at byu. but the mission makes you appreciate time. hahhaha 

but alright. so i went to asuncion but i forgot my card... so i dont have pics in this moment. but yeah cool. 

soooo ITS COLD!!!!! WOOOOOOOO this week it dropped down and hermana pitts had to pull out the north face and the hunters (reaaaal high class) hahahah but anyways. 

This week was good. we had a hard time finding our investigators which is hard as a missionary. lots of contacting and lots of cold. but overall it was another week here living the paraguayan dream. 

hahah the other night it was cold and we were walking down a small hill of empedrado (its pretty much walking on nails google it) it was dark except for the small lights on houses and the city in the distance... every house was blasting their sterio with a different song and little naked kids were running around screaming in guarani and chasing their 18 dogs.... a little latin comp walking next to this tall white girl that talks funny.... and name tag shining bright in the light of the full moon. 

and i just thought wow.. if only every person in the world could experience this.. Paraguay. hahahah but seriously i am so grateful to be where i am. i have experienced a little of everything... from dengue to people laughing at me when i am trying to speak guarani... getting bit by a dog... and getting robbed but i am so grateful for every single one of my experiences. 

i love you guys if you have time go read eter 12 its my fave. 


xoxoxoxo hermana pitts