Tuesday, September 27, 2016

well this week i learned a lot.. there were many answers to prayers with the 2 conferences that we were able to have. it was our district conference and our zone conference. 

so i have 2 experiences that i would like to share.... soooo we had our investigator francisca come to church last week.. the one that asked to see the baptismal font. well anyways.. we had the craziest charla with her.. .WHERE SHE TOLD US THAT SHE WANTED TO KNOW WHAT CHURCH TO BAPTIZE IN AND SHE HAD PRAYED AND HAD A DREAM THAT SHE WAS DRESSED ALL IN WHITE!!!! hahahah and she has been looking for that church.. and anyways.. we invited her to pray... I KNOW THAT THIS IS WHAT SHE IS LOOKING FOR!!! 

even though she may not yet. hahahah but she is going to understand i know that she will... 
she is sooo sweet... she wants soo badly to learn but feels that she cant cause she doesnt read... but i know that god does miracles.. and that he is going to help her learn.. her humility makes me soo happy. really truly honestly we all need to be more humble.. and be like francisca... realizing that we are nothing without heavenly father! 

the other experience that really touched me this week was in our district conference... 

there was an hermano that recently was baptized from the rama of the elders... and he is blind... it was soo tender as an elder led him up to the front so he could share his testimony.... as he started to speak and spoke about the book of mormon and the happiness that it brought him... he quoted Moroni 10 perfectly word for word.. the spirit was soo strong and i realized that this hermano that has never been able to read the book of mormon that has never been able to see the pages has a testimony of it.. and knows that it changes lives... I love these people!

but i hope you all had  a great week. i know that this work is true and that it changes lives... it is changing mine! hahahah KEEP THE FAITH!!!

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Well spring comes this week.. and we welcomed it with a lot of heat... hahahahh its starting to get hot down here. 

but this week was definitely an answer to my prayer hahahah i lately have learned.. well actually i have known this my whole life but i lack patience. I am not a very patient person hahahah soo lately i have been praying for patience. annnnnnddd this week i was playing nurse with my comp. hahahha 

SHE HAD STREP. and i had a a whole week to BE BORED. but while i was able to read more than half the new testament almost half of doctrine and covenants and catch up on my journal entries... i was able to learn a lot this week.... 

that patience is truly a virtue. hahaha i now understand the suffering i put through my comp when i had dengue. hahaha but really it truly was a good week!!!! We were able to see a lot of miracles this week. I am soo grateful for this mission because if it has taught me anything it has taught me that god is in our lives. THAT HE LOVES US! and he helps us. seriously even though we werent able to work outside our heavenly father worked miracles in our area. 

yesterday WAS THE SABBATH DAY! ahhahaha but it wasnt just that that made it special... 
so i know you all probably remember matilde that went to the temple a few weeks ago.. well she brought her friend! who was an old investigator... and SHE LOVED IT. at the end of the meeting she asked us if she could see the baptismal font! LIKE OK!?!?!!? CRAZY! but seriously there are things that are starting little by little here in la paloma. i am soo grateful for the things that i have leraned here in this area... 

But this week we travel... AGAIN. and then its GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! ahhhhhhh 

i love you guys.. and i love this work. seriously this is the most important thing that i will ever do. I know that i must enjoy it cause its amazing. I love this gospel and the opportunity that i have to share it! 

have the best week and keep the faith! 

xoxox hermana pitts 

September 12, 2016

this week... i dont think ever went by so fast and yet so slow... hahahahha  but it was good.. and one with a few miracles. first of all i am so grateful to have been able to read a lot of good letters today... wow.. my friends and family that are in the mission are incredible examples to me and im grateful for everyone.

this week was wildddddd. so 1. sunday night we went all the way to encarnacion.... then we had our consejo and were waiting in CDE until friday to have our zone conference...

soooo wednesday thursday and friday were supposed to be in cde... but there was an accident in argentina and president couldnt come up to CDE so in 2 weeks we are heading back there de nuevo... hahahaha wow... but while we were away heavenly father was working miracles up here. 

so i have just been praying for a baptism.. ahhh ive just been fasting and praying that heavenly father can help us find the person that he has been preparing..
and about 2 months ago we were teaching this girl who has been investigating the church for a while since she was 11 years old.. but there was always an obstacle for her to be baptized. her mom... her husband.. but now...

we ended up dropping her and then a month ago i kept getting this thought "go visit Karina" and i never followed it cause i was dumb... but this week... i had it again... and i thought i have to do it.. and i am soo glad that we did! 

we invited her to be baptized... i love inviting people to be baptized.. at first its a little nerve wracking.. and little scary.. but i love it cause we are inviting people to come unto christ and to change their lives... that is soo cool!!!!! we are the only people in the whole world that actually do that...we bring this message to people so that they can change their lives! 

soo pray for karina that all goes well in her road to change.. she is super cute.. a single mom that just had a baby 2 weeks ago!!!!! she needs this message more than anyone! 

yesterday was amazing too.. even though we only had a few days working in our area this week.. and less sleeping in our own beds... hahahhahha god is a god of miracles... he worked miracles up here. WE HAD 6 INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH!!!! i was sooo happy! we are seeing some fruits here in la paloma... and i am excited to see how this week goes. 

I think the greatest thing that i learn on the mission is how much our heavenly father is in our lives he loves us.. and helps us.. he is there for us... and i am so grateful for this experience to be able to learn that! i love you all have the best week and keep the faith

xoxoxo hermana pitts

Friday, September 9, 2016

September 5, 2016

well this week was a good one.. and it was one for the record books.. because you wouldnt believe how many postres i made... from no bake cookies.. to peanut butter. but it was another week that tested my patience...

sooo monday was KILLER.. well we were able to have a noche de hogar and descansar. but anyways...

tuesday and wednesday were definite trials of my patience.. sooo hna palomares has a lot of problems with her tummy.. poor thing.. its hard in paraguay where we practically drink oil because everything is  sooo deep fried... ahahhahah and soo since she got here to paraugay from argentina she has been suffering from the food.... its a little bit more heavy here.. but anyways. she was really bad tuesday and wednesday so we hardly left the pension...

THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME IN MY MISSION THAT I HAVE HAD TO STAY IN THE PENSION WITHOUT LEAVING FOR 2 DAYS STRAIGHT... i almost went crazy.. i am not going to lie.. i dont know how i am going to be able to do it in such short time.. just sitting down... WHO KNEW I HAD ADHD.... seriously..
but when there isnt much to do in a 10x10 apartment.. i was able to try quite a few dessert recipes ahhahaah but i was also able to study a lot in the doctrine & covenants which i recently started to read again.. 

WOW... I LOVE THAT BOOK! its sooo cool... super legao but i love something that i read this week. 

 10 Recordad que el valor de las almas es grande a la vista de Dios;
 11 porque he aquí, el Señor vuestro Redentor padeció lamuerte en la carne; por tanto, sufrió el dolor de todos los hombres, a fin de que todo hombre pudiese arrepentirse y venir a él.
 12 Y ha resucitado de entre los muertos, para traer a todos los hombres a él, mediante las condiciones delarrepentimiento.
 13 ¡Y cuán grande es su gozo por el alma que se arrepiente!
 14 Así que, sois llamados a proclamar el arrepentimiento a este pueblo.
 15 Y si acontece que trabajáis todos vuestros días proclamando el arrepentimiento a este pueblo y me traéis aun cuando fuere una sola alma, ¡cuán grande será vuestro gozo con ella en el reino de mi Padre!
 16 Y ahora, si vuestro gozo será grande con un alma que me hayáis traído al reino de mi Padre, ¡cuán grande no será vuestro gozo si me trajereis muchas almas!
 17 He aquí, tenéis mi evangelio ante vosotros, y mi roca y mi salvación.
Its in spanish.. but you get the point hahahah D&C 18 go read it... we have his gospel right before us.. and we are the only ones that have the power to share it! 

 yeah i am soo grateful for all of you guys. seriously you have changed my life and so has this mission. this week we were able to have a amazing experience with a couple.. that was a reference from a member! Pray for mariela and juan carlos... they have such potential.. its crazy that the second that i met them.. and it is that way for everyone here i just feel this love and desire for them to progress in the gospel. i know that this is the way that we can be happy i have seen it in my life. here on the mission especially! i knowt hat its real. 
i love you..

share the gospel this week... its Super good for you! ahahhahaah 
but too we are in encarnacion today and the rest of this week. soo pray for me to have a cool story to tell next week! hahahha im super excited tomorrow is consejo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooo but
keep the faith
xoxoox hermana pitts