Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Well spring comes this week.. and we welcomed it with a lot of heat... hahahahh its starting to get hot down here. 

but this week was definitely an answer to my prayer hahahah i lately have learned.. well actually i have known this my whole life but i lack patience. I am not a very patient person hahahah soo lately i have been praying for patience. annnnnnddd this week i was playing nurse with my comp. hahahha 

SHE HAD STREP. and i had a a whole week to BE BORED. but while i was able to read more than half the new testament almost half of doctrine and covenants and catch up on my journal entries... i was able to learn a lot this week.... 

that patience is truly a virtue. hahaha i now understand the suffering i put through my comp when i had dengue. hahaha but really it truly was a good week!!!! We were able to see a lot of miracles this week. I am soo grateful for this mission because if it has taught me anything it has taught me that god is in our lives. THAT HE LOVES US! and he helps us. seriously even though we werent able to work outside our heavenly father worked miracles in our area. 

yesterday WAS THE SABBATH DAY! ahhahaha but it wasnt just that that made it special... 
so i know you all probably remember matilde that went to the temple a few weeks ago.. well she brought her friend! who was an old investigator... and SHE LOVED IT. at the end of the meeting she asked us if she could see the baptismal font! LIKE OK!?!?!!? CRAZY! but seriously there are things that are starting little by little here in la paloma. i am soo grateful for the things that i have leraned here in this area... 

But this week we travel... AGAIN. and then its GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! ahhhhhhh 

i love you guys.. and i love this work. seriously this is the most important thing that i will ever do. I know that i must enjoy it cause its amazing. I love this gospel and the opportunity that i have to share it! 

have the best week and keep the faith! 

xoxox hermana pitts 

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