Friday, October 28, 2016

Oct. 24, 2016

well this weeek there is not a lot of time c ause we got caught in a rain storm and we just got back to our area... but it was good lots of traveling again.... To encarnacion... looking for apartments. and trying to figure out everthing here... but seriously its soooo crazy these past few months have gone soooooo fast... i can hardly believe it. 

but seriously its already the end of october.... can you believe it!!!!  seriously... i am dying... i love this place... i love paraguay. but seriously this week was a blur... little sleep and lots of long bus rides. but we were able to get home safe and sound. and we are doing well...

SOME THING CRAZY!!! MY COMPS DAD GOT BAPTIZED!!! like what the heck!! ill send you guys a picture seriously such an answer to prayers... 

well you guys are the best. this week i was studying in the doctrine and covenants and i recived revelation hahahaha i was super sad that i couldnt go to argentina my last transfer... but i realized that i was called to this mission.. just like these saints were called in the early days of the church... and i was called here because i was needed in paraguay but i think thta if heavenly father had put paraguay on my call i wouldnt have gone.. but to make me happy he put me in this mission and let me serve among the argentines for a few months... but i am where i need to be and i know that it is here in salto... in paraguay...

but i love you all... have the best week... xoxoxoxo

sorry... there my picutres arent loading!!! i love you

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oct. 17, 2016

this week was good! hahahah we are still completely lost here but thats what makes it fun right?!?! but i really dont have much new.. this week i was sick.... only for a day.. but wow heavenly father is super funny... he is testing the patience... hahahahhah but WHAT  IS NEW WITH YOU GUYS?! 

i feel like its just ground hog day... the semanas are just blending together... but i guess that is what happens when you are more used to the mission than the i will be to the normal life... hahahha

but we are doing well here... i have shopping china... the entire mission knows that if the north americans want to buy things from the states the place to do it is in shopping china...

hahahahhah its this huge store that has Blue diamond almonds and has fun dip and pop rocks... mac makeup... Its the white girls dream ahhahahhaha but what else is cool about saltos?!!!?! Its almost brazil...

but there are lots of young women that this week we are going to take advantage of soo that will be fun!!! but THIS WEEK WE TRAVEL!!! 

to encarnacion.... again. i swear i was a little surprised that i stayed as a hermana leader... but hey the lord has a plan....

but to the good part of my week as always #estudios.... STUDIES!!

this week i was studying a lot about joy... i love joy... its seriuosly the coolest subject... We choose to be joyous.. and our trials make us joyful!!!! seriously that is the reason that we go through trials... becuase we are happy!!! when we are progressing we are happy. when we are being streched and pulled we are happy.

that is why they always say that missionaries are soo happy... because A MISSION IS DANG HARD!!! hahaha but its amazing.. because one goes through soo much.. but there is so much happiness 
But #yolo.... i love this mission. i love the paraguayans... i love when people ask where i am from... and freak out when i am not latina... i love when people confuse me on the phone with my comp... #myaccentisimproving
 I love when the people force feed you to eat rice and beans...
i love people when they dont understand spanish cause they only speak guarani...
i love the portuguese.. i love the chipa guazu...
i love walking... hahahah (this week one day we walked over 15 miles. 
i love the sun.... 
i love when my investigator gets it.. and tells us they want to be baptized...
I love when i can feel the spirit sooo strong and it testifies to me that this work is true. 
i love argentina... i love paraguay. 

seriously if you think... should i go on a mission. GO. Its amazing. You will truly experience the joy that god feels every single time one of us chooses the right... and what we are going to experience when we are with him in the celestial kingdom! 

i love you all..
keep the faith.
xoxoxoxox hermana pitts 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Oct. 10, 2016

SALTO.... Wow. hahaha well this week was hecka crazy!!!!! im just telling you... wow. 

i dont have much to tell you other than i spent one day cleaning the pension from top to bottom... cause the elders are awful hahahahha no im kidding. but anyways...
whats new with you guys?!

ill tell you a little bit about salto... so its about 30km north of la paloma... super cerquita from where i was. soooo its not too different other than its the other side of the river from brazil... WOOO hahahah you can buy anything in reais. hahahah (the moneda of brazil.) 

hahahah but the best thing about this area is that we have 2 baptisms... and they ARE SOOOO COOL! 

1. Jose he is this 16 year old that sort of reminds me of PK hahahahah but he is sooo cool! he literally asked us in our first charla... how his grandma who died could be baptized.. #baptismsforthedead
but seriously he is soo prepared. pray for him. he has doubts because his sister is super against the church. but he is excitedly preparing for this next saturday the 22nd. 

then there is guillermina whose hermana just got baptized last week. and we are going to have our first lesson with her tonight! but i am hoping there is a reason that i came here in salto. i know that there are people prepared and that really heavenly father has a plan. 

but I love this mission. i am so grateful for this opportunity that i had to serve. this mission has taught me so much about how we are so dependent on our heavenly father.

this past week we were assigned to study more about joy... i was reading the talk Our Quest for Joy... i love what sister workman says about joy... that its truly our decision and joy and pain go hand in hand. there is a reason that we suffer... and that we have joy... and when we suffer we are truly joyful.. we are able to experience the power of the atonement and the power of our savior.. THAT IS TRUE JOY!!

i love you guys hope you have the best week ever. let me know whats going on in your lives hahahhah 

keep the faith

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oct. 3, 2016

well this week we have cambios... but president decided to white wash us TOGETHER!!! and we will be headed even further.... to the last punto of the mission... #saltodelguaira.

so i will be staying in the same zone... we will just be switching areas with the Zone leaders. It will be a good change. sometimes the areas need it!  I know that the lord has a plan. and now i feel such peace that salto is where i need to be....  but HOW ARE YOU GUYS?! HOW WAS CONFERENCE....

well if you asked me.. with all this technology in paraguay we were able to watch conference.... in spanish... hahahaha well part of it. it cut off like every other word so i didnt get to hear a lot of it... BUT that is what the liahona is for! hahahahha but i loved it! 

this week i was reading in moses wow i love moses.. its soo cool! hes like this young guy that is super righteous and i like to compare it to myself. but anyways i was reading a verse that i loved and it was such a preparation for conference... moses 1:11

 11 But now mine own eyes have beheld God; but not mynatural, but my spiritual eyes, for my natural eyes could not have beheld; for I should have withered and died in his presence; but his glory was upon me; and I beheld hisface, for I was transfigured before him.}

we have human eyes... we dont have spiritual eyes so we must prepare in order to really see our answers... really see the miracles in our lives. we must sanctify ourselves to be able to recieve our answers... just like moses had to prepáre and wash his eyes.. we must prepare ourselves... alright and soo conference already past and we cant prepare ourselves now.. but i like to see it like this also... We have to prepare ourselves.. just like they said about the sacrament... the plan of salvation. everything! i love what sister rousch wrote me this week! that the conference was focused on how we can improve our relationship with our savior. THAT IS THE POINT OF THIS LIFE!!!! we must prepare ourselves to meet our savior.. we must prepare ourselves to do everything! we must live this gospel the best that we can.. so why dont we prepare ourselves.! that is my invitation to you! prepare even more! take advantage of every moment that we have here on earth. 

but anyways... general conference is always amazing and even though i couldnt hear all of it... i loved the themes of the conference. they were all really simple. 

the plan of salvation, repentence, the sacrament.. but i am going to listen this week and i will let you know! hahahaha but i love you all i hope you have a great week! 

keep the faith and dont forget me. 

hahah no im kidding. but i am soo grateful for a family that has taught me so much. for a family that knows and loves this gospel... and has taught me everything. i am grateful that i get to be with you guys forever. you are the best and dont you forget it. GP, mama mel, tgneit and rpitt... cambam and clarence. seriously i dont know where i would be without you guys! 

have the best week

xoxoxoxoxo hermana pitts 😘😘😘😘💞💞