Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 25, 2016

alright soo this week was a lot of frustration and little sleep... but really there is no day more joyous than sunday.... 

this week we spent a lot of time in buses with headlice and holes in the floor... but we lived... no im kidding but we did spend a lot of time in colectivos. but we got into encarnacion had a day where i was able to visit some of my converts and then WE HAD OUR MEETING. 

wow..... this mission is getting ready for a 180---- which will be super good but we have some serious metas for baptisms.. 

but wow 4 days of TRAVELING!!!!!! we had consejo with president svec and it was cold in encarnacion... other than that my week was normal. 

hahahahah but alright to the good stuff! sunday was GLORIOUS! even though we werent in the area for 6 days there were people that came to church and its been so cool to see the progress in the rama.. there is one family that has been reactivating and now they are going to the temple in a few weeks! like sooooo awesome. she is finally going to the temple after like 20 years and the branch presidnet said that he is going to give her a calling! 

i love this work.. its crazy that even though we were exhausted and at a point where we hadnt slept in a few days and had travelled over 20 hours in just a few days.... there were so many miracles. that is what the mission is MIRACLES!!!!

but alright today i was studying about the priesthood.. seriously i love this topic... its amazing that this power that god gives to worthy men here on earth is the same power that he used to create the world.. to resurrect us in the future.... he used to move mountains to part the red sea... all these amazing miracles and we have that power. 

i was thinking about all the gifts and blessings that i have been given through the priesthood.... 

1. baptism... that my baptism opened the door for me to be on the right path to my heavenly father...
2. the gift of the holy ghost.. i dont know what i would do with out this gift. HOLY COW. 
3. the sacrament.. every week to start over again and have a nice clean slate.
4. my patriarchal blessing.. i seriously think this is the most important.. no im kidding but seriously i love my patriarchal blessing i have already seen things that have been fulfilled and its crazy i know that it is personal scripture for every one of us! 
5. that my covenants in the temple are valid and were actually made. holy cow i wouldnt be alive here in paraguay with out the divine help that i have been given through the covenants that we make in the temple... seriously i am sooo excited to be able to go back and remember all the promises that we have been given. 

these are just 5 of the blessings that i have seen in my life recently from the priesthood.. really there are so much more... #healingthesick but i am so grateful for you big greg... thank you for being a worthy priesthood holder... and for Tgneit that too is another worthy priesthood leader.. its soooo important! i am so grateful to be surrrounded by a ful laso de poseedores del sacerdocio.... 

i love you all and know that i know that we have the truth. we have the power of god! we are a powerful people! we were made to do this. that is why we are here on the earth! 

keep the faith and remember who you are.

xoxox hermana pitts 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 11, 2016

No seriously i love this area... its amazing and this week was one of the best and fastest of my mission.. i know i say it every week.. but where did july go... we are already 11 days into it.. its feels like it should still be may.. but no the weeks and the months are flying. 

so this week we wont be changing! we wont have transfers...WOOOOO hermana merchan and i will be staying in la paloma! 
but this week: 
so there is this investigator that is seriously my best friend.. i love her..... 

Clara. so Clara has been meeting with the missionaries for almost 3 years now... she is what you would call an investigador antiguo.... muy antigua but her problems is that she is living with a menos activo that was going to go on a missoin but instead hooked up with her and they arent married... BUT THIS WEEK SHE TOLD US SHE IS GETTING MARRIED AND BAPTIZED IN AUGUST! 

seriously such a milagro so we are planning a lot! we have a wedding!! WE HAVE A WEDDING! im super excited clara is sooo prepared she has been going to church every week for the past 2 years.... ahhh i am so lucky to be the missionary to be able to see the fruits. SUCH MIRACLES. but PLEASE PRAY A LOT FOR THEM! Luis is started to come back to church but they need a lot of faith to be able to get through the trials.. but all such a miracle..

there is also another investigator right now too that is ANNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTIIIIIGUO. seriously super old like 8 years of missionaries in their house... and he is progressing he has a fecha por august.... PRAY A LOT!!! i have good feelings for this tranfers.. we are going to see a lot of miracles. 

but really what i have realized is that the mission is full of miracles whether they are big or small.. just like our lives. sometimes we notice them and other times we dont... other times its a lot harder but they are there! I love this work because it helps me to know that heavenly father is in our lives. 

just like mama meli said.... the mission really teaches you that you as an individual are important to our heavenly father... seriously its amazing his love for just one of us.... he knows what is going on.. and as i am learning right now.. he remembers even hermana pitts here in the middle of paraugay. that she is trying her best and that she cant do this alone... he is helping! 

i love this gospel. I know its true... i know that i say this every week but its soo true.. we are here doing the lords work.. helping him achieve his glory.. to bring his hijos back to him! I love you all hope you have the best week

eu te amo....


xoxooxo hermana pitts 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

JULY 4th, 2016

again pday has come way too fast... but this week was super great... a little bit of everything. 

The mission is full of all sorts of suprises... so this week president la pierre left on tuesday back to the US of A. holy cow... I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL HAPPY DAY AMERICA.... I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. 

but presidente svec... got here and started his tour of the mission. wednesday night we get a call that we are to travel the next day to meet president svec.. so it was off to cde.... where we had our first reunion with presidente svec.  

he is short and chubby.. hahahahhahahh he doesnt speak a lick of english but he seems like he his going to help the mission alot...but he pretty much told us that he was excited and that he is now going to let us drink mate and play soccer.. hahahahha but i am super excited.. his wife is a doll... but its definitly going to be different... but hey he only has a week here in the mission so how much can they do ahhahahah im sure in a few weeks it will be even more changes. but he is excited and we are excited and that is what counts! 

but this week was a week of miracles.... sooooo first of all this area is little and lots of people know the missionaries but god was too merciful this week and gave us soo many blessings.... 

right now we are working with a lot of familias partiales where one member of the family is member or less active... ignacia is a women whos husband well they arent married but her spouse is the brother of our branch president and is less active... IGNACIA TOLD US THAT SHE WANTED TO BE BAPTIZED!!!! and so we are working with them on getting married... THey have been coming to church for the past 3 weeks and soo i hoping that in the next month she can get baptized... of course there are a lot of obastacles but there always are.. satan knows that this is something that is going to change there lives  sooo he works twice as hard.. but 

tooo we are working with adilson a brazilero.. that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOLLL... he is amazing.. seriously this guy wants to change... but he is struggling to find his answer... he prays... and this week we found the BOM on tape in portuguese.. and his wife said that he hasnt stopped listening since we gave it to him! but it was awesome.. such a blessing because it takes like 4 hours to download it and we just so happened to have it already downloaded on the comp... but holy cow.... seriously i love the mission because we are able to see gods hand in not only our own lives but in the lives of others.. 

the weather has been amazing... warm sunny and yesterday we were able to have all of our investigators in church.. seriously i feel soo lucky to be here. i dont know why heavenly father blessed us so much this week.. but i love the miracles of the mission and i love when i get the chance to see the changes in people.. that really the gospel changes them and makes them happier... that is the gospel. 

i love you all.. have the best week ever! 

i know that this gospel is everything.. its how we find the happiness... its how we are able to be happy! i love you all keep the faith and dont forget him!!! 


xoxoxo hermana pitts