Friday, October 28, 2016

Oct. 24, 2016

well this weeek there is not a lot of time c ause we got caught in a rain storm and we just got back to our area... but it was good lots of traveling again.... To encarnacion... looking for apartments. and trying to figure out everthing here... but seriously its soooo crazy these past few months have gone soooooo fast... i can hardly believe it. 

but seriously its already the end of october.... can you believe it!!!!  seriously... i am dying... i love this place... i love paraguay. but seriously this week was a blur... little sleep and lots of long bus rides. but we were able to get home safe and sound. and we are doing well...

SOME THING CRAZY!!! MY COMPS DAD GOT BAPTIZED!!! like what the heck!! ill send you guys a picture seriously such an answer to prayers... 

well you guys are the best. this week i was studying in the doctrine and covenants and i recived revelation hahahaha i was super sad that i couldnt go to argentina my last transfer... but i realized that i was called to this mission.. just like these saints were called in the early days of the church... and i was called here because i was needed in paraguay but i think thta if heavenly father had put paraguay on my call i wouldnt have gone.. but to make me happy he put me in this mission and let me serve among the argentines for a few months... but i am where i need to be and i know that it is here in salto... in paraguay...

but i love you all... have the best week... xoxoxoxo

sorry... there my picutres arent loading!!! i love you

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