Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oct. 31, 2016

well this week.. was good.. hahahahh no seriously i just love the mission soo much that seriously ever week has its challenges but there isnt a bad week.. this week we were able to improve our goals and we were able to help our investigators...

sooo i know that a few weeks ago when i first got here i told you guys about 2 investigators that had their baptisms scheduled for october... well they have been going through A LOT... but there is always a challenge and that is what makes themission enjoyable... that we dont just flock to the font and baptize a million people but that there are challenges... it makes me realize that this gospel is truly real becuase satan is fight.... HARD! 

but jose and guillermina are going to get there.... it might not be in the next 2 weeks... but they will get there in the time of the lord. but anyways...

WHAT IS UP FAMILY!?''????? LIKE HAVE YOU MISSED ME??? no im kidding... this week it really hit me that these paraguayans are soooooo cool... and that i was sooooo lucky to be able to serve among them. ITS NOT EVEN REAL! but i love you guys... 
this week i had the craziest conversation... soooo jose was talking to us about why we  came here... he is sooo funny he wants to go on a mission soo bad but he is too scared to get baptized (like dont you realize that in order to go on a mission you have to get baptized????) but anyways... he looked at me and said i know that hermana pitts came for this book.. pointing at the book of mormon. 

this got me thinking i truly came on the mission for the book of mormon... that book is sooo amazing. I KNOW THAT IT IS TRUE!!!! ITS AMAZING!!!!! IT BLESSES LIVES!  its changed my life... helped me come to know my savior... what he did for me and how blessed i am! 

its the only way that we can stay firm in the gospel... its teaches of the restoration and the priesthood... its how we are going to stay grasping the iron rod... ITS THE ONLY WAY BACK!!! i love you all and i love this mission

i hope you have the best week ever...

hasta pronto
xoxoxo con amor,

hermana pitts 

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