Tuesday, September 27, 2016

well this week i learned a lot.. there were many answers to prayers with the 2 conferences that we were able to have. it was our district conference and our zone conference. 

so i have 2 experiences that i would like to share.... soooo we had our investigator francisca come to church last week.. the one that asked to see the baptismal font. well anyways.. we had the craziest charla with her.. .WHERE SHE TOLD US THAT SHE WANTED TO KNOW WHAT CHURCH TO BAPTIZE IN AND SHE HAD PRAYED AND HAD A DREAM THAT SHE WAS DRESSED ALL IN WHITE!!!! hahahah and she has been looking for that church.. and anyways.. we invited her to pray... I KNOW THAT THIS IS WHAT SHE IS LOOKING FOR!!! 

even though she may not yet. hahahah but she is going to understand i know that she will... 
she is sooo sweet... she wants soo badly to learn but feels that she cant cause she doesnt read... but i know that god does miracles.. and that he is going to help her learn.. her humility makes me soo happy. really truly honestly we all need to be more humble.. and be like francisca... realizing that we are nothing without heavenly father! 

the other experience that really touched me this week was in our district conference... 

there was an hermano that recently was baptized from the rama of the elders... and he is blind... it was soo tender as an elder led him up to the front so he could share his testimony.... as he started to speak and spoke about the book of mormon and the happiness that it brought him... he quoted Moroni 10 perfectly word for word.. the spirit was soo strong and i realized that this hermano that has never been able to read the book of mormon that has never been able to see the pages has a testimony of it.. and knows that it changes lives... I love these people!

but i hope you all had  a great week. i know that this work is true and that it changes lives... it is changing mine! hahahah KEEP THE FAITH!!!

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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