Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

Wow this week was hecka crazy... seriously i never thought i was going to make it out alive.. and come sunday we were dead. 

sooo as hermana liders we are supposed to do divisions with every hermana and guess who waited until the last minute. yup thats right.... havent changed much. but anyways... we had to do 2 divisons this week and plan victors baptism. 

but IT ALL WORKED OUT!!!!!! serious that is one thing that i am beginning to learn in my mission is that it will all work out how god wants it to.. and that i cant stress. but 

really satan was working on us this week... and not as much on victor which was a blessing... but i love baptisms. 

hahaha i dont have much else to tell you other than the baptism was amazing.. and i have never seen anyone who was more prepared to be baptized and to be a member of the church. HE IS AMAZING!!! but as we were waiting for him to come back out i just got this overwhelming feeling about how this is truly the lords kingdom on the earth. that this was how our savior was baptized. and we have the authority to be able to preform saving ordinances. 

i am so grateful for this knowledge i am so grateful for a dad that is a worthy priesthood holder.. i am so grateful for that confirmation that i received this saturday. 

i love you all i hope you all know how much this gospel means to me. i am so happy to have it in my life and to be here..... 

(i didnt want to mention it but its a little crazy how long i have been here.....#oneyear) 

i love this mission. i love this gospel have a good week

xoxooxo hermana pitts 

 Hermana Lopez
 Victor's Baptism
Hermana Lopez

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