Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016

well wow... its may...that means mother´s day and a year here in the mission. seriously can time pass by any faster. i swear just yesterday i was in high school and starting at byu. but the mission makes you appreciate time. hahhaha 

but alright. so i went to asuncion but i forgot my card... so i dont have pics in this moment. but yeah cool. 

soooo ITS COLD!!!!! WOOOOOOOO this week it dropped down and hermana pitts had to pull out the north face and the hunters (reaaaal high class) hahahah but anyways. 

This week was good. we had a hard time finding our investigators which is hard as a missionary. lots of contacting and lots of cold. but overall it was another week here living the paraguayan dream. 

hahah the other night it was cold and we were walking down a small hill of empedrado (its pretty much walking on nails google it) it was dark except for the small lights on houses and the city in the distance... every house was blasting their sterio with a different song and little naked kids were running around screaming in guarani and chasing their 18 dogs.... a little latin comp walking next to this tall white girl that talks funny.... and name tag shining bright in the light of the full moon. 

and i just thought wow.. if only every person in the world could experience this.. Paraguay. hahahah but seriously i am so grateful to be where i am. i have experienced a little of everything... from dengue to people laughing at me when i am trying to speak guarani... getting bit by a dog... and getting robbed but i am so grateful for every single one of my experiences. 

i love you guys if you have time go read eter 12 its my fave. 


xoxoxoxo hermana pitts 

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