Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

ok.. what did i learn this week?? change is really hard. hahahah its been awesome but difficult hahaha

1. hermana lopez is KILLER. soooo she boxes... sooo no one is going to mess with us in ciudad del este... and she is from honduras. she has 2 younger brothers and her she is the oldest and her parents got baptized when she was 6 sooo she is a veteren here hahahahh but i love her! she is awesome. buttttttttt..

its been really sad. I was really sad to say goodbye to hermana newell talk about one of my best friends. we went through a lot together. but she is now in encarn. and boy we have had a crazy week

so right now we are working with armando, francisco and victor still 

armando... i have faith the guy is ready just that he lacks the faith and trust that he doesnt need to know everything he just needs to feel it. so armando is studying medicine and his parents just got baptized in pilar another city about 6 hours away... 
but he is awesome! he wants to know... he wants the answer and wont just take anything! he is like i am in a way... analyzing everything. and wants to know for sure before he gets baptized. 

franciso we found out this week doesnt go to his uncles house and stays home all day alone on sundays so that he can go to chruch he is a gem. he will get baptized. 

victor. the poor guy is nervous for change.......

kinda like we all are. we know something is going to be good. but its a change it is out of your comfort zone and its hard at first you have to get used to it.

that is where i am at but i have realized that that is the gospel... changes are necessary.. that is why we have to atonement. the whole purpose of the plan to change. to become better.. more like our heavenly fahter and i will tell you we werent like that when we were in heaven in the premortal life we were just starting our journey. i have realized here that knowledge truly comes from expereience. i love that we just expereience life and we learn how to be better... we become more perfect! 

soo next time there is a change its all good. keep your chin up and smile because sooner or later we will be grateful for it!

i love you have the best week


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