Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Well another week has come and gone.. i swear time just keeps passing and there is nothing to do about it. (how sad i am to say that... i thought i never would.) but lets see.... this week has been nuts. Being in ciudad del este im sure i told you that we had to travel 6 hours to encarnacion and back... and then by the time that we returned i was WIPED OUT.
and then wednesday thursday friday saturday and sunday FLEWWWWWWW. BUT GUESS WHAT?!?!?!? WE FOUND ARMANDO!
ok... so while in consejo in encarnacion there were emergency transfers of some of the elders and there was this one who was in an area in the south part of paraguay in pilar which is WAAYYY out in the boonies. anyways this elder had been transfered and was super sad because he couldnt teach this family... la familia santa cruz. the mama was going to be baptized and the rest of the family was preparing as well. BUTTTT the oldest son was going to move to ciudad del este for school. so he passed along the reference!
this week we were able to meet him and now he is progressing towards baptism coming to church reading the book of mormon and alll he is super cool. ahhhhhhhh there is soo much work here to be done.
But i cant even think straight i swear every week i write and then i get home and remember everything that i wanted to tell you guys. Its like fast and testimony meeting you go up there with a plan and then it all just falls out of your head.
but this week i have been studying a lot about disciples of christ. who are they and what do they do... As missionaries WE ARE DISCIPLES that is it. this week i read a lot from the susan fulcher case study about a sister missionary that really changed the defintion of missionary work. but i think that even those that arent out here in the mission field can learn from her. She talks about love and that if we want to feel gods love we must give it. As missionaries and as members of the church we are the ultimate disciples because we have the fullness of the gospel. we are here to light the way... to LOVE!!!! that is the key
this week im super excited to apply this in my missionary work. to not just sit in a lesson and share my testimony of the restoration but serve people.. for that is why i am here... called to SERVE. not just called to teach. or called to clap doors.. me and hermana newell this week are going to try to be servants of the lord. better disciples of jesus christ. and i challenge you to do the same.
mama mel sent a little exert of president uchtdorfs talk about obedience and it really doesnt talk about this but i think that the holy ghost was working a little bit of magic. and i learned that obedience is for us to learn how to be disciples of jesus christ and how we can learn how to be obedient as we strive to keep the commandments.. its more than just doing it going through the motions but actually learning from the things that we do and doing them with full heart. for we are to serve god with all our heart might mind and strength... not just go through the motions.. I hope you have the best week ever. sometimes we just need to remember why we have commandments... they are to teach us to become like our savior.
I love you guys. have a great week
keep the faith
xoxoxoxo hermana pitts 

Herman's going to Brazil- 3rd Country on their mission!

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