Monday, April 4, 2016


so this week.. its been super nuts... but those are the joys of the mission. 

FIRST OF ALL HAPPY GENERAL CONFERENCE. They arent joking when they say that christmas comes twice a year for the missionaries. if you ever walked into a room of all missionaries watching general conference you would know what concentration is. i was DYING. soo before the mission ya know general conference is amazing and you love it... but there is an even greater spirit that comes to be here in paraguay and to be able to invite people to hear the prophets voice. 

but it was a great week.. first things first we had our zone conference wednesday... and i am soo happy. after hours of planning and trying to work and agree with the ZL.... (typical) ahhahahh WE DID IT. and President told us how great he thought it was. so we have this new thing taht the mission is doing and that is that the ZL and the hermana liders are planning all the meetings... sooo its quite a big job but we did good acording to pres..... super bueno. 

anyways. we were able to finish that and then just have enough time to prepare for julio and carlos` baptism!!!!! wooooooohoooo. sooo get this. we get done with the conference... and it being in our capilla we had to clean and make sure everything was ready for the baptism... but we forgot one thing... quite typical. THE FONT. the font takes about 3 hours to fill and we had about 3 hours until the baptism... LETS JUST SAY THE STRESS LEVEL WAS HIGH. hahhahah but EVERYTHING WORKED OUT! and it was beautiful. we filled the font, got the clothes and everything ready... and they were baptized. the spirit was strong and It was sooo happy. 

Liliana the mom was baptized in december.. and she was able to share her testimony where she was super nervous.. but she did AMAZING! i was soo proud of her and sooo grateful for her testimony of the truth of the church. she is soo strong. 

what else hahaha soooo friday was divisions with the hermanas in their area because 1 hermana is having problems with her ankle and 10 miles a day isnt soo great for that.. hahahah then saturday and sunday were a lot of cookies a lot of smiles and glorious words of the prophet. 

Now... im actually in encarnacion AGAIN. we travelled last night for bus and stood for 6 hours with out air conditioning... talk about building character! hahahah im kidding. its things like that that make you love paraguay the people the country,, the culture and i am soo greatful to be able to serve among them! 

but LETS TALK ABOUT CONFERENCE. I love going in with questions... seriously its amazing how many are answered... personal sincere specific questions can be answered over a world wide broadcast by men that i dont even know personally.. but that is what is amazing about the spirit. WE CAN LEARN, RECIEVE PERSONAL REVELATION! But i dont even know where to begin. maybe ill do a another entry and prepare with my notes with the amazing things that crossed my mind from the spirit. I know that i loved so many talks ones that sadly i dont remember the names... but elder holland, president uchtdorf, elder hales, president monson, elder nielsen... THEY WERE ALL AMAZING!!!! 

but i want you all to know that i know god answers prayers. i know that god has a prophet and that he is called to lead and guide us. i know that this church is true.. keep updated for nexts week sneak peak of what hermana pitts learned from general conference. i love you all have a great week... 

if you got time email me some of your fav moments... i love sharing them with people!!!! (which probs means you wont send them now... oops.)

keep the faith
xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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