Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

well that doesnt work too much. but HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! seriously its fall here and it feels like football season...but its not and its i guess i have to accept that i probably wont see an american football game unless i watch the one of meet the mormons. hahahah but everything is crazy here in CIUDAD DEL ESTE. just a little trivia fact.... ciudad del este... city of the east has a bridge that goes to brazil... and we cant cross but super cool! hahahahh today for pday we headed to brazil...well not really just half way across the river and then we turned around hahaha but anyways...

JULIO AND CARLOS ARE GETTING BAPTIZED ON WEDNESDAY!!!! woooooooooooooooooo they are hilarious. they are crazy but im soo happy they are kids of a CR. and she is sooo happy she just keeps saying im not alone now! i am not alone. I love the gospel and how it can help families be united! she is super excited to be preparing for the temple and being able to be sealed as a family in less than a year! AHHHHHHH soooo happy soooo joyful.

And even better news its CONFERENCIA GENERAL!!!! ahhhhh the best.

but i dont have tons of time today. i will just mention this one crazy experience that we had on saturday.

soooooo saturday we had our district meeting because there were no buses this week due to the semana santa ( the crazy catholic traditions to do nothing but eat chipa) anyways.... we had to change the meeting to saturday and by the time we got back and called to confirm all of our citas... THEY ALLL FELL. we had nothing to do.. and nothing to do in CDE at night is trouble. it was about 5 and we decided to go over to the neighborhood where a lot of our investigators live. this neighborhood is AMAZING! but we are told we shouldnt be there at night because its a little dangerous... but we prayed and thought and felt that we should go anyways. WHICH ITS SUCH A MIRACLE THAT WE DID. so we headed over there hoping to find some of our investigators home but no one was... sooooo we starting thinking and i had this thought that we should pass by this reference that a member had given us that we had never been able to contact. AND SHE WAS HOME!!!

her name is rocio and we began to talk to her kinda feeling like she wasnt super interested.. she was super hesitant to let us in. it was semana santa and all her familia was there vistitando. but she let us in igual.
I AM TELLING YOU COOLEST LESSON EVER! she kept telling us that she wanted a church she wanted the true church. and that she knew that this was it! she has never heard any of the doctrine and had only been to church one time a few years ago. but she told us that she knew it was true. SHE KNEW THAT WHAT WE WERE SHARING HAPPENED. that JOSE WAS A PROPHET!!!! Holy cow the spirit was sooo strong and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted!

Its sooo amazing how heavenly father directs our paths. I know that we were supposed to find rocio that night and that there are people here that are ready to hear the gospel. there are people everywhere!

I know that this gospel is true. i know that this is his work! i love you all have a great week and keep the faith.

oh and pray for julio carlos and victor! they need the faitht his week preppin for the big waters of baptism hahahahahah


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