Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016

can you believe i made it all the way to march?? sometimes i cant.... hahahha but wow. 

well this week was really hard for me. i am sure you have all heard by now but i was hit by the dengue fever.... but i am all good and better now and am super excited and anxious to head out and start working. but this week was a lot of rest and a lot of patience.

I still have to take it slow but i am back in action. hahahah but i dont have much to tell you about investigators this week. other than VICTOR HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!! PRAY FOR HIM. victor is the best friend of this member that is getting ready to go on her mission and it seriously is the best thing ever.. because victor was never interested in the church up until she started working on her mission papers and now he has come to church for 3 weeks straight!!! but because of dengue we havent been able to meet with him much! but he is super cool.... im excited for him! 

Ummmmm this week I had a lot of time to think... a lot of time to freak out that i am already half way done with my mission and a lot of time to learn from heavenly father about his pùrpose for me as a missionary. here are some of the many lessons that i was able to learn while sitting inside without AC. hahahahha (i know that i wouldnt have been able to learn these without being inside this week)

1. i cant do everything on my own. as independent as i am and as i want to be.. sometimes you have to accept help. whether it be from a member.. or my comp... or from another missionary there are just things that i cannot do by myself things i am not capable of. Just like i cant make it to the celestial kingdom without the help of my savior and his atonement we all have to depend on other people and help each other in order to learn and grow. 

2. The lords will is sometimes not my will..... as much as i want to do things my way... sometimes it has to be done the lords way! i already knew this a little bit but not until this week did i realize that heavenly father needed me to learn a whole lot more and it wasnt going to come from teaching and working.

3. WE have to be AGENTS and not objects.. a few weeks ago elder bednar spoke to us... he talked a lot about we have to help our investigators be agents in their conversions.. actively seek out their answers and the lord. I have thought a lot about this this week... having read the stories of the sons of mosiah a lot this weke (i was missing a little bit of action) hahahhaah but as people we cant sit aroudn and think i want the lord to use me as his instrument... i want the lord to do this.. i want him to do that.... but we have to actively learn his will for ourselves and then ACT!!!!! we have to study the scriptures and pray and live the gospel and then act in according to what we think god needs us to do.... which is live the principles of the gosepl... and in that god can work the miracles!!!!!

But seriously even though its been a rough week... it was an opprotunity to learn!!!! i love this gospel... and i love the chance that i have to learn everyday on this mission i am soo grateful for all your prayers and for the angels that i have seen this week...

I love you guys and hope that you guys are doing well. I know that this work is the work of the lord and that he is in charge... he is doing it!!!! I know that he is at the head of the church and that this is the restored gospel... there is nothing in this world that can make us more happy than living the restored gospel.. that is how we are going to live the closest to our father in heaven and our savior. 

I love this mission even though its hard.. even though sometimes i think why am i putting myself through this.. i know that i am where i was supposed to be. 

have the best week

keep the faith. 
xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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