Monday, March 14, 2016


well ive offically gotten back... and it feels sooo good. hahahah every week i just think WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS WEEK? i swear they go by sooo fast. but Barrio 1 is doing super great. Last week the elders had a baptism and we are trying to get victor ready for the 27 of march... ahhhh i want this to happen for him so badly. its crazy how much you can love a person and want the best for them.... soooooooo many crazy funny stories this week.
one that kind of has to do with this unconditional love i have for the paraguayan people was when ok... so we have members from all over the world in this area. India, brazil, the states, paraguay, all over.. anywyas. so this week we met with one of the sisters in our ward because she is from south africa and doesnt speak ANY spanish. i am talking hola and that is about it... and she has been living in paraguay for about 20 years. anyways super  crazy but she is super lonely her husband just passed away and she is alone and doesnt speak the language here... #guarani but we started talking and visiting about her story and how we can help her not be so lonely (she recently was reactivated) when she just started bashing on my cute paraguayan people about how they dont get it.... AND I JUST REALIZED I LOVE THEM! seriously as much as i get frustrated that they just sit down and drink terrere all day I LOVE THEM!
Its crazy how much i have felt my heart grow on the mission.. my love for my savior, for my heavenly father, for my family, for my carpet, for a washing machine, for a dish washer (seriously dont take advantage of the last 2) hahaha no im kidding but i love that i have truly if i have learned anything here it is that i have learned how to love... granted i still got a long way to go. but i think that i have learned how important it is to show my love to those around me.
this week we have been working with a lot of our menos activos and activos to help them share the gospel with their friends and we have had some crazy success. we are now teaching and helping the daughter of a converso reciente to get baptized with her pareja. we are working with victor the best friend of a member.  we are working with complete references IT IS AMAZING!!!! SERIOUSLY SUCH A BLESSING!!!!!
but seriously i like you sare am not very good about writing about charlas that i have... or talking about spiritual experiences.. but I PROMISE THAT IS WHY I LOVE MY MISSION.. EVEN THE FUNNY THINGS I LEARN SOMETHING TO BUILD MY TESTIMONY.
but i will this week share one of the most spiritual lessons that i have had and it happened yesterday. so we have this converso reciente that got baptized in january. HE IS SUPER COOL. ENRIQUE. but he is 18 and he wants more than anything to serve a mission. so we were planning on talking about the obra misional which is one of the charlas that you have to give... anyways. so we sat down with 2 Young adults taht are preparing to leave on their missions and we just had a testimony meeting about why we want to go on a mission. HOLY COW!!!! it made me think why i came.... I came to prepare myself for my life after... for this crazy world... i came to learn how to depend on my padre celestial, I came to learn who i am... my divine nature.
I know that this work is real... heavenly father is in it... i know that he loves us and that we are here to prove that we can trust in him! i love you all have the best week ever...
keep the faith 
xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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