Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 BIRTHDAY!

Well while my parents were in " the happiest place on earth" i was doing the happiest thing on earth. PREDICANDO EL EVANGELIO. hahahha but no seriously there is nothing that makes me more happy than being able to share my testimony of jesus christ. 

I love this week. i love latinos... they are soooo freaking BOMB. seriously they are already prepping for easter... and we still have a week. here in paraguay they have some crazy traditions for the semana santa. 1. is they all make chipa.. its hilarious. we ask... soo what plans do you have for easter and their response make chipa. well alright then hahahahahah but i love them... they also are dejando from drinking and sleeping with people i mean i guess that is pretty cool.. way to stay within the commandments of the lord.  hhahah

but This week... holy cow. we had our consejo for the leaders of the mission and so i was in encarn... SO MUCH TRAVELING... i almost died. hahah 

BUT HOLY FREAK.. the second we got back i swear it was like a someone was trying to spray me with a firehose while i was trying to drink from it... #overwhelmed. we just found out that our converso reciente has kids that were never baptized!!! woooooohooo. a chirstmas miracle.. but anyways  we are beginning to teach them and they are scheduled to get baptized next week! PRAY FOR THEM!!! JULIO and CARLOS! 

Then.... we find out that VICTOR wants to be baptized!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO ahhhh i have to start from the beginning because yesterday was seriously the best birthday in the whole world... 

WE HAD 6 investigators in church!!!!! Talk about a birthday party.. we then ate lunch with the familia rolim. they are soo cool. hahahha and then we were able to go and teach victor. wow i love spiritual experiences and this was one. HE TOLD US HE WANTED TO BE BAPTIZED! ahhhh he is sooo cool. he is 21 and best friends with yeni gomez a girl that just got her mission call this week to brazil!! but anyways we are going to be working hard this week to get him baptized the next week! sooo much work to be done! but i know that heavenly father is going to help us. I am truly in such a happy busy state.. i love it. 
But then i finished off my birthday contacting my fav... and a noche de hogar with the mexican couple in our ward.. AND GUESS WHAT?!?!? you will never believe this while being in the middle of paragauy in the middle of south america i was sung happy birthday IN ENGLISH while eating muffins by a bunch of mexicans talk about a birthday to remember! hahahahahha but i thank you all for all the letters and birthday wishes i really appreciated and felt all of your love in this little city in the heart of south america. HERMANA PITTS ESTA MUY FELIZ. 

pray for all of them!!! THEY NEED PRAYERS!! THEY NEED THE FAITH! 

but This week probably due to the pascua. i have been thinking a lot about the resurrecion and the second coming... I AM SOOOOOO PUMPED. I cannot wait for chirst to come again and rule the earth in his glory... how glorious it is going to be. Seriously we have to start preparing! But dont everyone freak out. just think about how great its going to be. I am sooo greatful to be able to have this time in my life where i  have had to get to know him... he has had to carry me in algunos momentos here in the mission. he is my savior and i know that he loves every single one of us! i have spent hours on my knees praying and i know he answers them because he loves me. 

I know that there are people that need him in their lives and that is why i am here. to share that with him there is a better life. THEY CAN HAVE SOMEONE CARRY THEM WHEN THEY NEED IT! 

i love this gospel and i love this work. wow i love this work. 

have a great week.. #keepthefaith

xoxox hermana pitts 

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