Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016

wow. guess who is staying in the promised land!!!! #paraguay. hahahah but alright sooo this week we have been none stop work... with divisions and with lots of people to visit it helped us to not think about what is really happening tomorrow.... Cambios. transfers are always hard. but im so sad to be saying good bye to hermana newell its going to be soo hard. we have been through so much togther and i am so grateful for her to. i dont think that i could have done this whole opening an area thing with out her. SHE KEPT ME SANE. but i guess that is the mission we change so that we can learn more. 

Now hermana newell is off to rama 1 in encarnacion my old stopping grounds! hahahahh ive been giving her all the secrets about encarn. hahaha super crazy. but coming here is hermana lopez from honduras. #firstlatina. hahaahah but i am super excited we got here together she is amazing! but 

Funny stories from this week: 

1. we were on divisions the crazy things always happen on divisions. but we found this lady... and i just have explain one thing. the paraguayans are very old school and sometimes dont love to wear clothes. but anyways this lady is like half nude... without her bra and a very short crop top shirt.with 2 spears knifes on both ends hacking at a tree. probs had like 65 years hahahhaha  this lady right... ok GUARANI-ITE!!! like straight up i have a year in the mission and i could not understand a word of what she was saying... hahahah for those of you who dont know paraguay has their indigenious language that everyone speaks and its not a very written language so its super hard... and well yeah. they usually speak a mescla and so we get around. but anyways this lady was s`peaking straight up guarani and we just sat there smiled hahahaha and she kept throwing her hands up with her spears and lets just say i saw a lot of her that i didnt want to see her shirt just kept coming up.... I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. 

then later that night we find this brazilian family... who we had never met. and they were offering us their guitar dresses... food... books.. who knows what. im talking the whole shibang. I love these people.... and the best part about this charla is that it was in all portuguese... we are just getting the world culture here in ciudad del este. hahhahahah but anyways. oh that is what the picture is of... A BRAZILIAN FEAST THAT THEY JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE MADE US DURING THE CHARLA! ahhahah and the after is the pics that we took with them.... ( oh yeah so they love music and they started breaking out in come come ye saints... we were dying... it was soo cool Hay que bautizar.) 

back to the good stuff.... #evangeliodejesucristo

this week i have been studying a lot about hope. i love hope and thanks mom for the talk by elder holland it went perfectly into it. HOPE COMES THROUGH THE SAVIOR!!!! i dont think we realize it but wow arent we lucky to be able to have the knowledge of the atonement. so many people here in paraguay we find them and they tell us... we are good. we have faith in jesus.... but no... THEY DONT HAVE FAITH IN JESUS! the only way to recieve the full blessings that come from the gospel.. have this faith, the hope for things not seen is to live the gospel. The hope and faith come through the gospel. 

I am so grateful to be proclaiming it here in the eastern city. I love the people here... nude, morochito, terrere stricken teeth (if they have any left) chicken decapitating and all.... i love this place hahahahah 

preach it to your friends lets bring everyone to the hope that comes from living the gospel, and if you need some hope read eter 12. SUPER COOL. 

well have the best week ever! 

keep the faith
xoxoxo hermana pitts 
Our Investigator

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