Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016

wow... seriously i swear the weeks just go by faster and faster and i never know how to start these emails.. 1. i love you guys with all my heart. seriously your the best and thanks for everyone who emailed me this week.. it really makes a girl feel special to see that people havent forgotten about her all the way down here in the middle of south america. 

but 2. the mission is amazing. i am so grateful every single day to my heavenly father for the opportunity to serve.. IT CHANGES LIVES. 

but alright this week was a crazy one... sooooooooo we had to travel for our last zone conference with president lapierre but because our zone is soo small we had to do it in CDE... 

it was seriously amazing... its going to be really hard to have this change... in the wise words of president lapierre... its now or never... they are taking our parents away from us... leaving us stranded and then giving us other parents expecting us to just be ok with it... but its happening whether we like it or not hahahaha but yup our zone is 8 elders and then us 2 hermanas... its a little crazy.. hahahahah 

the elders are elders but it was fun to travel with them.. but as leaders we had to plan it all i was super worried that it wasnt going to work out... cause somtimes there is just no time to plan and prepare.. but it was amazing! seriously one of the most spiritual moments that i have had. 

ill just make a quick note about what we talked about.. there is never enough time on pdays. hahahahha but anyways... i love what we talked about... 

THE BLESSINGS OF THE GOSPEL IN OUR LIVES. THAT WE HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF THIS MOMENT! seriously i have been dreaming of this moment to wear a nametag and share this message with the paraguayans... I AM LITERALLY LIVING THE DREAM! 

i love you guys.. and i know that this work is where i need to be. i know that god is in charge. and that he loves us.. this is his work and seriously i have dreamed of this moment since i was little to be able to be a missionary! AND NOW I AM HERE!!! WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but i love you all i hope you have the best week and keep on keeping on! sorry that this was soo short as it is everysingle week! there are just so many things to say and not enough time to write! hahahahahha 
but i love you 

xoxox hermana pitts 
ps next week ill do a voice recording! hahahahah 


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