Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6, 2016

oi etou en la paloma falando un poquinho portugues. ahahahha but seriously where do i even begin other that right now im in encarnacion AGAIN. hahahah what has happened this week. 

sooooo day one in la paloma... we had transfers and my comp and i stayed in CDE one more night woke up early to catch the bus and ended up waiting 2 and a half hours to catch it.... but we finally got up there to LAAAA PAAAALLOOOOOOMMMMA. wow. i dont even know how to describe it but im practically in brasil 

but first of alll My comp... SHE IS THE BEST. im seriously i freakin love her... last week she told me she had a dream about transfers and that she never thought it would come true because i was her comp... Hermana Merchan is from ecuador and She is killer. Wow every morning we just feel like we are on divisions.. its not real. 

Day 2 in la paloma... we got there the pension SUPER SMALL but super nice... is behind the house of member so i feel very priveleged being the only hermanas in the entire zone and the only missionaries in the branch but we started our first day and lets just say im preaching to the cattle... there is about as many cows as there are people... and the smell is super great (said sarcastically) but anyways 

day 3 we are doing good in la paloma soo a few things about the place. in my first 3 days i had 5 charlas in portuguese... like what!?!?!?! when you speak spanish they respond back in portuguese... or guarani take your pick... also there is a new evangelical church everyday... seriously the people there have a lot of influence from brazil. but the food is great there is someone to wash our clothes and me and hermana merchan are ready to get to work... 

but other than that really my life hasnt changed much.. still preaching the gospel... i cant believe how fast time is going.. i am so grateful for this opportunity to represent my savior it seriously is the best.. these last few days i have just realized that we have the gospel.. here there are a lot of people that think that god doesnt want us to cut our hair or that we have to use skirts 24 7 but no we are gods church and this is the only church that does it gods way. i love this gospel and i love this work. i hope you guys have a great week. just remember that really honestly we work by example.. remember who you are and what you represent. our family, the church and most importantly our savior. 

have a great week xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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