Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1, 2016

HELLO. I hope you didnt forget about me this week.. hahaha no im kidding... but wow... i hope you all are doing well.. this week was good. 

I cant remember much.. im sorry. i need to really think about what i am going to say before i get on to write but sometimes i get to the computer and my mind goes blank about what happened this week. but that is ok! we saw miracles and we saw gods hand in our lives and i think that is really what matters.

I am blown away seriously about how much my feelings about heavenly fathers love for me have been strengthen.. SERIOUSLY HE LOVES ME SOO MUCH. HE HAS GIVEN ME SOO MUCH. 
Everyday i wake up and just think wow... im soo lucky. this is the biggest opportunity that i have been given and never in my life i thought i would be where i am... in the middle of a farm town on the brazilian border of paraguay... speak a different language and understanding 3 others... 

I never thought that i would get to know these people that are just soo happy. Never thought i would be soo grateful for a dish washer and carpet. for a family that has been sealed in the temple and where all my sisters are my best friends.  i dont know how or why my heavenly father has blessed me soo much. 

I love this opportunity that i have had to be able to grow. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. for those of you who are doubting the mission who are on the mission in a time when its hard... IT GETS BETTER... IT FLYYYS... You will look back and just think what happened.. i blinked and 3 months passed. hahhahahahahhahaha but seriously and those who are thinking about going... GOOOOO get out of here.. seriously you will love it. I love this place. i love guarani... i love portugues... i love spanish.. i love this work. its the lords work. and its the best thing that we can be doing! 

i love you all have the best week ever.. keep the faith

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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