Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aug. 15, 2016

Seriously time is just flyying. This week was good. we were able to find more people to teach. but we had interviews. we were schedule to have our interviews at 1 in the afternoon.. while we get a call at 9:30 that president wants to see us at 10.... in salto which is 25 mins away...

sooo we seriously left our house running... but we got there at 10:05 and entered our interviews... 

hahahah it was good! but a lot different than presdient la pierre.. but i am sure he is just getting the hang of things still.. i mean where are we at 6 weeks in the mission. but we were able to talk about these last few transfers that i have and got to know each other more. 

but these weeks i am going to be honest. have been hard.. I sometimes get home and cant keep myself from getting on my knees and complaining... but really i know that the lord gives us the strength that we need. Next week will be transfers and most likely my companion is leaving the area.. she will leave me to teach the area to someone else.. but the thing that is hard is that we have dropped almost all of our investigators... 

i am kinda nervous becausue we have been searching but no one is progressing.  but i know that god is going to give a miracle. that he is going to help us help us recognize the person that he has prepared. Everytime that i feel that way.. hopeless and a little bit overwhelmed. I just remember the promise that moroni has given us in ether 12... that if we keep working and keep going the witness will come. I dont mean to tell you the bad things about my week.. but i will let you know that when we have challenges.. god is still there. because i have still be able to see the hand of the lord in my life. 

this next week will be a good one. i know that this is the lords work and that he has a plan for every single one of us.. every single person here in la paloma and the branch here.. he has a plan for me and my mission and i know that he is there! 

i love you keep the faith

xxoxo hermana pitts

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