Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Well lets just say about the fastest slowest week of my life..... 
But that is really honestly the mission.. This week lets see since i wrote you all nothing great has really happened other than a killer shopping spree and an almost mental breakdown hahahah... no just kidding. ( i did buy some stuff... hahhaha a speaker and a killer granny jammy set i know you would love it mom.)
first of all shoutouts!!!!!! 
SHOUT OUT to sare.. WHO IS KILLING IT IN CAMBOYA!!!! Im sooo proud of her.. made it out of training and will be getting a new comp allllll khmer. soooo cool.
ANOTHER SHOUT OUT to BIG GREG. HAPPIEST OF HAPPIEST BIRTHDAYS!!! I love you and am so greatful for you and all you have done for me. the example that you have set and for always being worthy of the priesthood. i am soo grateful to have grown up in a home with the priesthood.
. but hahahhah SHOUT OUT to Mike and Cheryl too. I am sooo excited for those missionaries to have mission presidents like you! that is amazing!

ahhhh i am all over the place today
But lets see.... ITS ALMOST THE NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!!! Im sooo excited to talk to you all and really honestly give you the down low of this place there is just not enough words to put it in a letter! but lets see we had divisions this week... soooooo awesome.... and really other than that is was a week of a lot of knocking and a lot of no´s.
I now know what a full week of contacting feels like and for all you missionaries that have been there before. I FEEL YOU. hahahha but chin up the sun is out.. its warm and its almost the navidad so the only thing i can do is look on the bright side. But on the bright side we had 4 new investigators this week! MIRACLES!!!! ahhahaha and 50 asistencias which is a record here in rama 1 heavenly father is slowly but surely doing his work! 

this week i have been studying a lot about joseph smith in JSH. I love how he expresses his experiences. He talks about how really he wasnt perfect and that he was far from it...he had a lot of trials that came his way... a lot of temptation from satan and still he was firm in his faith..
He knew that he had seen a vision and he knew that god knew it and he could no deny it!!!! THAT IS HOW I WANT TO BE!!! Even when the trials come... to never doubt my experiences that i have had... never doubt the spiritual witnesses that i have been given. AFter the vision... heavenly father left joseph feeling like he was on his own.. I love what happened... after years of feeling abandoned by heavenly father... jospeh knew that he was in the wrong and that he needed to repent... so one night is september he prayed... prayed for forgiveness and a knowledge of where he stood with god. This week that is my challenge to all of you. I hope that we can all pray and know where we stand with god... that we are able to feel how much he loves us and that he can bless us with the ability to see how much he is truly in our lives! but jospeh smith afterwards wasnt relieved all all his trials they werent all just taken away after that moment... but he was given a promise..... as long as he did everything that he could in order to build the kingdom of god all would be well... he would have the strength to overcome!!!!! that is the purpose of the atonement!
I know that god loved us enough to give us his son.... seriously can you imagine watching someone you love suffer... especially how our savior suffered????? heavenly father knew it was the only way! I know that he loves us and he is always there even though sometimes we feel abandoned. just like jospeh smith HE WAS ALWAYS THERE! guiding him and giving him the strength to withstand! I know that joseph smith was called to be a prophet and to bring us the fullness of the gospel! I love sharing this message with the people of paraguay!
The mission can often be a time where you wonder... WHERE DO I STAND WITH GOD???? Actually life is that way! but I know that as we have faith in him WE WILL FEEL HIS LOVE!!!!!

I hope you have a great week...
love you tons and KEEP THE FAITH!
xoxoxoxox hermana pitts 

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