Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10, 2015

what happened this week... it flew... AGAIN. hahahhah CHIQUI and no go hugo... CAME TO CHURCH!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

hahahaha ok... from the beginning. 
Miracles this week! we had lots of contacting this week.... like a lot... and its starting to get really hot here. HOT AND MUGGY. wow... im not sare in cambodia biking through car washes but i do trudge through a bit of mud... and am sweating like crazy! burning those calories hahahhah but yeah...

monday tuesday wednesday were just normal days... we found some nuevos which is such a miracle here! I am soo happy! and they are looking really good. I am hoping that we can continue to work with them and help them progress in the gospel. but friday is when the best thing happened...

WOW. ok so we were walking down the street near the terminal and off of one of the buses was an investigador antiguo that we had dropped like 2 or 3 weeks ago... He was soo excited to see us! ahhhh sooo cool. IT WAS CHIQUI!!!! ahhhhh

sooo backstory... chiqui the hermanas from like 3 transfers ago found him and started teaching him... he really honestly is killer.... but for some reason he just cant come to church (welcome to 99 percent of paraguay. ) anyways... they dropped him and started again...and kept teaching like once a week until i got here... and we finally decided to leave him for good. BUTTTTTTT Wow.... we started talking to him and he was telling us how much he missed us.. and we decided we would go back one more time just to see....

WE WENT BACK. and never eben mentioned church... when all of the sudden he said. yo necesito venir a la capilla..... WHAT THE HECK????????? HE NEVER SAID THAT BEFORE!!!! AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?!??!!? HE CAME!!! sooo many answers tooo sooo many prayers... and then hugo... so hugo was this snake that we started teaching... it was really bad. we only went 1 time and he was really different and i had a really bad feeling soo we didnt return. but he came to churhc. hahahhaha SO NOW THE ELDERS HAVE ANOTHER PROGRESSING INVESTIGATOR!!!! hahahahahah QUE SUERTE! 

hahahahh but it was such a blessing. This week is going to be crazy fast. the reason that i didnt have the chance to write yesterday was because we have our pday today due to CONSEJO! so tonight we are headed to posadas with all the other leaders to stay in the mission home and have a meeting tomorrow! Im really exicted! but seriously we arent going to get back till tomorrow night... but we worked all day yesterday and then had a partial pday today before we cross the border to posadas! but yeah.... the weeks are just flying i cant believe that its already november and double digits in november. Next thing i know we are going to be skyping home for christmas. WHAT THE HECK????? hahahhah but yeah. 

The mission is weird. but so is life. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!!! we have been working hard and now the miracles are starting to come! HEavenly father is in our lives!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh he is soo good... he is soo o merciful! seriously i love counting my blessings and just seeing that i have so many! hahahah but i hope you all are doing well. i really miss you. I heard about the church news. and really honestly i just want to say that I KNOW it was inspired. THAT THOMAS S MONSON is a prophet. I love this church. and love this gospel. One thing that i have seen while being down here is the countless people that have been upset by something or were offended and let that affect their testimony.... it makes me so sad. because in all reality we all have our problems and the church isnt for people that are perfect. we are all going to church to better ourselves and improve our lives... No one is perfect except our savior and he is truly leading this church through his profet. I love this gospel and am so grateful to have a living profet who can lead and guide us. I know that the book of mormon is true. WITHOUT A DOUBT. and seriously i love having the opprotunity to share my testimony everyday! it is such a blessing and it strengthens it everyday! i love you guys and I hope you have the best week. 

remember to keep the faith... the way to do that is the little things.. Prayer, scriptures, and church, but with a sincere heart! 

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

 Micky D's
 The ruins
 My yellow umbrella
 The zoo and all the monkeys
 Hermana Woolf after her allergic attack

The Elders thought my cinnamon rolls were the bomb!

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