Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 23, 2015

while snow is falling near highland utah and you guys are snuggling inside drinking your hot chocolate...There is an small american girl that is a long way from home for the holiday season..... actually all the way down in the heart of south america hashtag paraguay! sun burnt....and bug bitten. but still with the christmas spirit. hahaha
But what is up family? I miss you guys and seriously cant believe that this week is thanksgiving! its soo weird. My mind is telling me its november but i feel like i am getting to the middle of july... THE HEAT. All the kids are out of school now. Its kinda like a mind warp. Telling me that its getting into the holiday season...but really its not. hahah
This week has been crazy. hahaha WE HAD OUR FIRST DIVISIONS!!!!! ahhhh it was crazy. i had my first experience really being the senior companion... Its crazy.. I still have no idea what i am doing as an hermana lider with little but no experience. hahahah but It was a lot of traveling their area being about 2 hours away. We went came back went and the came back.... 4 bus rides.... and lets just say the buses in paraguay are nothing special... Hot and smelly. hahah but igual. I love divisions it really opens my eyesabout really how much i can learn from a missionary that only has a little bit of time. but it did make it a little hard to be in our area... a lot thisweek.which is really hard. 

then we had our zone conference this week.It was soo good. I love hearing from president.HIS COUNCIL IS ALWAYS SOOOOO GOOD! but I one of the lucky ones....(said sarcastically) to give a capacitation in this conferencia.... on just one of my all time favorite themes... OBEDIENCE! hahahahhahah but It actually was awesome because as always the teacher is the one who learns the most.... after about a week of studying I learned a lot.... But before i go off on my obedience rant...hahahhahaha this week was good...I love being obedient.really i think i am one of those weird people that gets satisfaction out of being obedient but knowing that i did everything that heavenly father has asked whether is something as small as waking up at 7 si o si....hahhaha suprising that is really hard for a lot following the promptings of the spririt in a lesson. I want to do everything..... leave it all here! every effort. But yeah I loved something that someone said. Before this life WE ALL WERE OBEDIENT! WE LOVED BEING OBEDIENT! and we chose to follow oursavior we chose to be obedient! and that is what is going to make us most happy because that is what we are created for!!!!! hahahahha LETS BE OBEIDENT!!!!!! read our scriptures go to church say our prayers thelittlethings that is where the happiness willcome! hahahah 

Christmas iscoming and i can hardly believe that thanksgiving is this week..Thank you to everyone andtheir letters I sadly wont be celebrating much ofthe pilgrims and the indians but i will be giving a lot of thanks. 

1. my family really honestly your support means everything and your examples are what keep me going. I loveyou all. 

2. the gospel This is what makes us the gospel. being obedient and trying to live how heavenly father wants us to. 

3. THIS MISSION. seriosuly thank you to everyone who recommended it...because it is soooo worth it. It isthe best decision i ever made! It is definitely hard..... not going to lie., there are times where i think what the heck did i do.....why am i here. but there is nothing better. 

today we sat on the beach here in paraguay i just thought about how lucky i am to be in a beautiful place with beautiful people and an amazing languaage! I amsoooooooooooooo excited for KATE NEELEMAN!!!!! ahhhhhh soooo amazing girl! you are going to be amazing! xooxoxoxoxoxo and SHOUT OUT TO BIG GREG... IO wont be there to celebrate turkey day with you or your birthday next sunday!!! but Ill eat some cakefory ou still...

I love you all sooomuch! and hope you have a great week. 

xxoxoxoxooxoxox keepthe faith 

hermana pitts 
 Sister Leaders

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