Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2016

is it sad to be sad that i only have one year left? holy fast..... THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY!!!! sooo to catch you up.... tuesday was our pday and then tuesday night and wednesday we were in consejo! 

wow..... Consejo, its pretty much a big meeting for all the hermana leaders and zone leaders which was really great!  i felt completely out of place... having little casi no experience but overall it was amazing. Once a month they have the leaders come in from all over the mission to posadas and the hermanas get to sleep in the mission home... AND HAVE A NOCHE DE HOGAR WITH PRESIDENT!!!! soooo cool.... So pretty much i loved every second of it... because there were so many of my favorite people that were hermana leaders this transfer. Hermana ehlert, hermana murphy, hermana salcido... and THEN ON TOP OF THAT!!! ALLLLLLL my comps from the mission field were there. Hermana hartley, hermana wilson, and hermana woolf. So it was pretty much bomb. hahahahha but anyways.... After a long day of crossing the border (sounds real posh right) hahahah we had our noche de rama in the capilla. I was exhausted... (shhhhh dont tell anyone but we did stay up late hahahh hashtag slumberparty.) but  thursday little did we know would be a crazy day too. hahah 

Thursday hermana woolf and another hermana from argentina went to posadas and soooooooo I HAD DIVISIONS!!!! woooooo with Hermana Cannon. Wow. if there is anyone in the mission that is just like me it is her. we pretty much spent the entire night talking about our madewell obsession. sooo there is that. But hahahah im so excited because she is at byu! so ill be having friends after the mission woooohooo. but anyways... crazy week because we didnt get into working in our area until saturday. But igual.... sometimes that is the life. but 

this week... being crazy...we didnt have much time with our investigators which makes me really sad. Although we have little investigators... everyday away from them is hard. I love teaching the gospel. I love watching someones reaction when they feel the spirit there is nothing like it. I know that this is where i am supposed to be. 

hermana cannon and i had a heart to heart one of the nights... hahahah about how the mission is hard... and that even though i may not love it 100 percent of the time. That doesnt mean that i dont desire with all my heart to glory in it. and who better knows my desires than my heavenly father. He knows that i want to love every second and when i dont that i am frustrated with my natural self. But hermana cannon told me something really profound that made me think....

do you think the savior loved every second of his suffering?? do you think he enjoyed getting spit upon, and laughed at and bleeding from every poor? But even though he didnt enjoy every second he still did it. he endured... and that is what i am tasting just a teeny tiny bit in my mission. That is how our lives are... we are here to learn how to rely on our savior. That is the purpose of this often difficult earth life. I know that the way to rely on my savior is through this gospel. It is only through the true and living church that he is guiding.... this is the chruch of jesus christ of latter day saints. I love this gospel. and i love you all remember you are never alone! have the best week ever and KEEP THE FAITH!!!

xoxoxox hermana pitts 

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