Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Well im staying in encarn with hermana woolf! Its so crazy next transfer will be right before christmas! i cant even believe that its already november and while you guys are hunkering down for the colder weather... its just getting hotter here. hahahah the summer is coming! but what is new... hahahha 

Im excited to be staying right where i am and keep working here.. me and hermana woolf are starting to get a groove down so it will be nice to stay right where we are! buuuuuutttttt...... there is a twist! we are going to be a set of hermana leaders! sooo that means a crazy transfer with more divisions and changes! but im excited! 

this week... well really it was just another crazy week here in encarn... lets see monday tuesday wednesday we were busy in the capilla because there were missionaries GALORE... hahhaha everyone had to come to encarn to cross and i am sure that it is going to be about the same this week with transfers.. hahah that is one of the interesting things about this area is that everyone comes to encarn.. and needs a place to stay and they come to the capilla in centro.. and Guess who has the keys hahahah but anyways...

TUESDAY!!! a miracle happened. Our investigator mario... was at home WITH HIS WIFE!!!!! ahhhh she was back from asuncion and so when we stopped by we had the chance to talk with her! but anyways it gets better.... we were sitting and chatting with her when she told us that she didnt have a lot of time because her son was coming over... so we asked her if we could do anything for her... if we could pray with her... during this entire little charlita i just kept having this thought... PRIESTHOOD BLESSING... but problem... as an hermana i dont have the priesthood. so anyways i was about to explain that we could come another day and give her a blessing of salud with the elders... when i turned my head and the elders were speed walking past us.. I JUMPED UP and rannnnn to them... hahahah it was such a miracle... heavenly father directing every path...we were in the right place at the right time and so were the elders! anyways they came in and gave her a blessing and i seriously have never felt the spirit sooo strong! I know that the priesthood power is real and that is the same power that christ used when he preformed countless miracles! it can bless lives. 

Anyways wednesday thursday and friday passed with a lot of frustration and a lot of trust.. the mission is weird. sometimes you feel like you have a million things to do and not enough time.. and other days you look at an empty planner at the end of the night and just think... Wow. who can we visit. BUT THIS WEEK WE FOUND 4 NUEVOS!!!! a record here in encarn hahahha not really but i am really excited to see where they go! but yeah... 

Sunday is when it got weird.. hahahhaha hermana woolf... dont tell her mom. but she has a ringworm... hahahahha its kinda crazy. randomly she will have these breakouts of red itchy blotches and she will start swelling up. So anyways... she hasnt had a break out for about a month now and so we were just happily working until sunday at church her hands started swelling up... the next thing we knew her feet seriously looked like a pregnant womens. bright red and really swollen... then her entire body started flaring up... lets just put it as... SHE LOOKED LIKE HITCH. Her poor face is swollen and she could hardly see or walk.. SO we spent sunday night in the pension. It was good because i redid the entire area book. but it made me realize how much i like being outside and working. althought sometimes its just walking from house to house and having people tell you no.... i really like being outside! but wow... what an experience. hahaha the elders were dying when they came to give her a blessing. she doesnt even look like herself. its crazy. 

But today she is still really puffy in her face but her feet are completely fine so we are going to see how she feels tonight! but yeah... that was about my week! 

This week again i have been studying the new testament! SOOO COOL. the life of the savior is so cool. im serious. I LOVE IT. i love that the four gospels are the same story but everyone has a different take on different events.. matthew elaborates on one miracle john on another. its really interesting. but i was reading in acts this morning about the apostles... thinking about how they felt.. their savior had just died and they probably felt alone... they felt like they didnt know what they were doing... and that sometimes their efforts were a little unfocused. sometimes i feel that way as a missionary as a disciple... but christ sent the comforter... he sent them the spirit... and through the spirit they were able to preform miracles. 

THERE ARE MIRACLES IN OUR LIVES. we just have to see them! i love you all and i hope you have the best week.. pray for me.. i need it! hahahahahah but just know that i am always praying for you. 
keep the faith! 
xoxoxxo hermana pitts 

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