Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dec. 7, 2015

HAHAHAHAH I cannot believe that it is december... seriously there are chirstmas lights and arboles de la navidad por todos lados... but there is one thing missing.. SNOW. hhahahha we are here just sweating. hahahah but I love it. WHAT IS UP?? CHE ZU(mom in guarani)...CHE RU.( dad in guarani) ..Mis hermanitas...  family friends... aquatinances... hahahah This week has been seriously AMAZING! 

Its weeks like this where i absolutely love being a missionary! hahahah surprisingly it was another heavy contacting week but i think what made the difference is that we decided to sing christmas carols this week for EVERYONE! We did have some really interesting experiences with some drunks...but igual. hahahahha thats a story for when i return! hahahh but we found 2 amazing nuevos that i am just dying to meet with again. BOTH ARE 19!!!!! I AM 19!!! its perfect! hahahha but seriously... i have never felt a spirit like that before. 

Numero 1.. MARIA! We found her tocando puertas when we had an extra half hour before una charla. anyways... We testified and left. It was seriously such a powerful experience. hahah but she is living alone in encarn and hasnt seen her parents for 8 months... i just thought are we living a double life??? ahhahah she kept telling us howmuch she missed her mom... and i just kept thinking...wow.... WE ARE THE SAME PERSON! hahahha we are going back tomorrow! 

numero 2- Tamila. Wow.... lets just say that unlike maria we are living complete opposite lives... hahahha she is19 and living with her novio and their son...that is only 2 months old and is seriously the prettiest baby i have ever seen!!!! ahhhhhhhhh but She has never been to a church and never prayed in her life. its amazing... and for here in encarn that is likefinding a needle in a haystack....SOOO RARE!!! someone whose realtionship with our heavenly father is just starting togrow! We are going to return on wednesday! 

Anyways... today and tomorrow we are in posadas for the consejo de los lideres!!! so right now we are in posadas writing! hahahah i miss paraguay. 

One thing that i have been thinking about this week...is how are experiences really shape who we are! Its crazy... like they shape our personalities our outlooks... our opinions. Its crazy! but looking at these 2 new investigators that are the same age and are sooo completely different.They have experiences that have made them the way they are! It is the same for me. MY EXPERIENCES HERE ARE CHANGING ME FOREVER!!!! It soooo crazy tothink backto where i was a year ago...I was getting my mission call!!! and now i am in paraguay! hahahhhh but i have changed... my relationship with my savior is stronger..I understand the importance of listening to the spirit.. and how powerful the book of mormon is. Like seriously we can never stop reading that book. IT IS THE KEY!!!! but i still have a long way to go...a long way until i am like my saviorand i am the type of person that i want to be.BUT ITS OUR EXPERIENCES!!!! This week hermana woolf and i were talking about things that have happened in our lives..learning about who she was completely changed my view ofher! I know that she has been through things that i willnever understand. BUT SHE IS AMAZING!!!! She has so many talents and abilities and experiences that make her the person that she is! I know that heavenly father shapes us through our experiences into the type of people that we need to be! I challenge all of you to look at your experiences your trials that you are experiences andjust think...how can I learn fromthis?? 

I love you all! have the best week ever. 
keep the faith always.

pray like you never have before

xoxoxoxo hermana pitts 

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