Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

seriously... this week has been a whirlwind. Im in a big city... i have no idea where i am or where i am going.. haahhaha its soooo crazy. its definitely been a transition.

I dont even know where to start... but lets see... monday tuesday wednesday were spent crying... hahah not really but my last moments in ituzaingo are always going to have a special place in my heart. the members.. baltazar. It breaks my heart. But i know that changes are for our benefit. heavenly father doesnt need me in ituzaingo instead he needs me in the heart of ENCARNACION. soooo thursday morning we travelled to posadas and said our good byes. lets just say hardest 5 mins of my life  (next to walking into the mtc hahahahah just kidding!!) but me and hermana wilson just kept saying how sad we were that this transfer was ending. it was one i am going to remember forever! but then i got in the taxi and headed across the river! my first moments in paraguay....
wow.. its different but not too different. I can find kit kats and extra gum if that says anything! hahahah but I have mickey ds and burger king in the area sooo i think ill survive hahahah but we are in the centro... so you would think that would mean a lot of contacting and a lot of apartments but no.. its all stores.. and pensions above that we cant get into... and the city is soo tranquilo there isnt hardly anyone outside. so if any of you have any ideas of how to get into locked apartment buildings let me know! hahahhaha but yeah the rama is small but there are toooonnnnssss of conversos recientes! which is AWESOME... and GUESS WHAT?? we have a baptism next week!!!! 

continuing on with my week... sooo thursday, friday and saturday were getting to know the area... helping the elders get to know the area hahahhaha but i finally made it to sunday... I LOVE CHURCH ON THE MISSION! its where i feel at home! but anyways...

THE BAPTISM!!!! Celina! soooo my first lesson here... was in guarani. WOW. seriously i was having nightmare flashbacks to my first few weeks here. it was nuts. i didnt pick up anything.... its just sounds like mumbling. but celina only speaks guarani but she is amazing! has such a desire to be baptized.. but with the language barrier you would think.. oh  just have her read and she will get all of it.. but that is one of the things about this area. is that lots of people arent able to read. but that is when you just rely on the spirit. hahahah an some members that speak both spanish and guarani! but yeah... so anyways she passed her baptismal interview and she will have her baptism a week from saturday

BECAUSE GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK!!!!!!! ahhhhhh im sooo excited!!!! we are going to be able to watch it in english! which is AWESOME! but yeah its almost like christmas! i am sooo excited! 

soo the next couple weeks are going to be really busy! but this week i have been studying patience... i love the story of the sons of mosiah in alma 26 it talks about the blessings that came from enduring their afflictions with patience! i think that one of the greatest blessings from patience is that heavenly father knows that he can trust us.. that we are going to continually strive to do his will even when the circumstances are hard! he is going to give us more blessings and we will be able to be instruments in his hand! 

I love that... I love the scriptures they are amazing....... wow. I love this gospel. THE SAVIOR IS THERE... change has been hard.. and i know that he knows! 
I love you guys and thank you soooo much for all the letters...
keep the faith! 
have a good week xoxoxoxoxo hermana pitts 

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