Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sept. 1, 2015

Seriously my weeks are starting to just blur together. im starting to hit that point.. as alll missionaries say.. the days are soooooo slow. but the weeks are flying! i cant believe that we are already half way through this transfer. ITS CRAZY!!! but nothings new in my life but everything is about to change in the pitts fam! im obtaining a brother... POR FIN. seriously though BIG... Gigantic SHOUT OUT to my sis and trent for tying the knot... IM SOOO EXCITED. although my heart will probably hurt on thursday i am bursting with happiness! its probably kinda weird but i think a lot about the future... not in a way where i am trunkie and want to go home but just in a way where i think of why i am here learning the things i am learning... 

Millions of missionaries are asked the question... why did you decide to serve a mission... and the truth is i really dont know! i know that i had the desire and that was why i decided to go! right now i still dont have a definite answer but I am hoping that this experience is going to bless my future family!!! i know that i needed to learn how to teach my own kids. but a mission is AMAZING!!! its hard sometimes and other times its the best.. but that is life!!!! some days are hard and somedays are easy... some fly and some drag.. but you just keep living! 

but anyways... i just remembered.. this was an eventful week!!! hahahahhahah we had ZONE CONFERENCE.... and then i had to travel for visa stuff.... so we werent in our area a lot... which is hard this week we are going to have to build it all back up! but becuase hermana wilson is Hermana leader we are doing divisions today! so there goes another day... but oh well.. we are staying busy and working hard!!! heavenly father is going to have to keep the work going!!! AND HE IS!!!!! 

soooo zone conference first! i learned soooo much! we have such a big zone that we only met with our zone with president and hermana la pierre and the asistentes! it was amazing!! i learned so much about the importance of arrepentimiento. We have to change every single day. repent and come unto chirst... One thing that i loved that president la pierre said was that repentence isnt just confessing the things we do wrong and making the big changes necessary but that repentence is committing yourself to the savior a little bit more every single day!!! i love that... i have been trying everyday this week to remember that and to pray a little bit more sincerely for the perdon of my sins... my faults and my weaknesses.. to come a little bit more unto chirst and receieve his grace. 

but then ii was in posadas for tramites alll day but i got to stay with ehremana fox! which was really fun to relive the mtc days.. but yeah... nohthing else has changed..

im still working on my spanish.. which is coming.... but isnt coming... hahahhaha some days are better than others! but im not stressin. it will come! it always does! 

ituzaingo is beautiful!!!!! right now it is starting to warm up... actually its REALLY hot. Im talking middle of summer in utah.. and its not even spring yet. but yeah hot and humid... and with the heat.. the sunsets have gotten prettier.. the FIREFLYS ARE OUT!!!!!!! oh my heck.. and the stars.... the night time i feel like i am walking through the jungle.. through adventure land at disney land!!! and this is my house!!! its amazing! ME ENCANTA ITUAZINGO.. the frogs are croaking... its kinda swampy... its sooo beautiful.. i wish that i could take a picture of it.. so everyone else can capture it! but ahhhhhh its amazing

and on top of that... 2 of our new investigators... MARIO and MARTIN have gotten answers about the book of mormon!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh whenever someone tells me this my heart just leaps with joy!!!! THAT BOOK IS SO TRUE... The book is blue and the church is true... but funny stoiry mario told us that he had a dream... oh yeah everyone here has dreams... why doesnt heavenly father answer my prayers that directly i will never know.. but yeah anyway he told us that he had a dream and that he knows he needs to be baptized... so he asked us. how does he do that! we then explained that in the capilla there is a font! and that we baptzie by immerison.. he then said oh! yeah my sister was baptized in a font.. in the mormon church have you heard of it?? we were dyin.... we told him that this is the same church.. he then said that ohhhhhhh his sister was trying to get him to listen to the chruch because it has changed her life... but god works in misterious ways!!! but yeah just a funny experience!!!

I love this mission its beautufly and i know that it is for me! i love this gospel and know that this is the way to be closet to god on this earth! we have the truth in fullness!!!! we have it!!!! and we need to share it!! I know with my whole heart that the book of mormon is true.. and because i know that i can know that the chruch is true.. that jospeh smith was a profeta and that we have the power of the priesthood to preform the saving ordinances that we need! i love you gusy and hope you ahve the best week...

dont party to hard without me!!! but i know that god has a plan.. and that this is mine!!1 to be here at this time for this purpose!!!

i love the gospel and i know that families are eternal! i am so excited to see what its going to be like!!! because there is nothing that i love more than my family and heavenly father and my savior... and they are all going to be in the celesital kingdom!!! ahhhhh sooo awesome

have a good week
keep the faith. 
xoxox hermana pitts 

ps shoutout to sare collins.... sister collins!!! youre headed to cambodia!!! ahhhhhhhh im soo excited for you! remember tooo keep the faith!

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