Monday, September 21, 2015

September 14, 2015

well it wont let me put a subject.... soooo what a week! hahaha this transfer has just blown by.. i cant believe that i have almost lived here in a foreign country for 3 months!!! but this week has been crazy busy and not how i would have liked it hahahah! but igual. since tuesday i have spent wednesday thrusday and friday in posadas doing divisions! but yeah... this week has been a lot of traveling and a lot of changing of companions! which makes me kinda sad... hermana wilson is Amazing! i freakin love her! but all good things come to an end... hahahah CAMBIOS are next week.. WHAT???? its soo crazy. this transfer has flown! and i seriously have no idea if i am going to stay or if i am heading to the other side of the river... #paraguay but yeah we will be finding out here in another week! 

but i really hope that i am staying one more transfer in ituzaingo.. we have some really cool people that we are teaching and i havent even had a chance to teach them this transfer with all the traveling! but yeah..
we have been learning alot. 

this week we had some really cool experiences with our investigators! 1st of all.. wow where do i even begin! MARIO! ok soo i dont know if i ever told you the story of mario.. i really hope i have but we found him working one day and passed by his house he has recieved a dream about the truthfulness of the book of mormon.. #everyonehasdreams... anyways. so he has a baptismal date but he lives 7 km from the church soo that is the obstaculo right now! but he is so good!!!! and he is going to come to church this week!!! im so excited! 

Carlos now has an answer too!! which is soo cool! he is the one that we contacted and he runs in his house and brings out a book of mormon from who knows how long ago... but we found out this week taht the missionaries were teaching him back in the 90s hahahah and that he kept his BOM! soo cool... anyways yeah soo mario and carlos and then there is mauricio we are still working with WHO NOW HAS A MOTO!!!! woot woot! i was soo pumped! it was such a miracle and blessing because he has been working soo hard and now he can get to work AND to CHURCH really easily! well soo we told him hahahah but yeah! 

its crazy... ituzaingo.... its such a weird crazy place where when i first arrived we were lacking preisthood holders and now that is all we are teaching its so cool... because in this mission that is a rarity to teach men and that is all we are teaching! but seriously if anything out of this crazy week... i have learned that god is in our lives! i love that. he truly is in our lives all the time! I hope all of you are doing well in your crazy lives! 

OH COUPLE OF cool things that happened this week.. hahah 
1. I SAW A MONKEY!!!!!!- sare is probably seeing them everywhere but it was really cool!!!
2. WE MADE A BOMB PIZZA. im talking one of the best pizza i have ever eaten... just wait.. 15 months from now im going to be cookin them pizzas..
3.i went on divisions with an hermana woodwell that came with me.. hahahah AND I UNDERSTOOD THE LESSON!!!!!! WE HAD A LESSON WITHOUT OUR MOMS!!!! it was killer!! 

4well thats all hahaha there is more... but my mind is soo scattered! hahahah 

but i really want you guys to know that i love this gospel! the last 3 months have been a complete whirlwind and I often look at the end and think wow... 15 months is a long ways away.. but i know that i am supposed to be a missionary. I have learned so much and i know that heavenly father has a plan! you guys are part of the plan he has for me! i love you all and i know that somedays are hard but really its when we look for the little things and the tendermercies that we realize how blessed we truly are! i love you guys soo much and i miss you everyday! it sounds like everyone is doing good! but i love and miss you all and know that this church is so true. that heavenly father is so loving and merciful! he loves us so much!!! ahh i just want to tell the whole world hahahah that there is no reason to fear because heavenly father and christ are walking this life with us! 

youre the best and keep the faith as always

xoxoxoxo con mucho amor y felicidad

hermana pitts 

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