Monday, September 14, 2015

September 8, 2015

This week was long... im going to admit. but everyday you just have to continue on and pick yourself back up.. i learned that a lot this week! but yeah... we are kinda stuck in a rut. with investigators.. menos activos GALORE... the rama went from 50 asistencias to about 25 this week... so lets just say that ituzaingo is holding on by a string and me and hermana wilson are trying to do as much as possible.. be as obedient and in tune with the spirit as pòssible! I AM DEFINITELY LEARNING PATIENCE. that sometimes heavenly father is testing you! its all in his timing! but yeah..

soooo tuesday and wednesday we had divisions!!! which was really amazing! i love divisions and because hermana wilson is the hermana leader we get to do them a lot!!! que suerte! but yeah... i was with an hermana that goes home this transfer and it was really cool to get to learn from her! she has such a testimony of the mission! she is so sad to leave! this is how i want to be... to not have any other idenity other than a disciple of christ which hermana moreno is an amazing example of that... but the rest of the week was hard... not going to lie. Thursday... i was sad. I just kept thinking about all the amazing things that were going on at home and how i was in the middle of argentina... and all of our appointments fell through... and how sorry i was for myself.. but that is when hermana wilson was the best! she knew that i was sad and she told me we were going to get a treat and contact! my favorite!!!!! sooooo by the end of the night i was grateful that it was over.. BUT GUESS WHAT??? I LIVED!!!!!! that is what i learned this week... that sometimes life is hard.. and things dont work out but you just keep living!!! 

Then little did i know that heavenly father was going to push my patience a little further... friday.... noche de rama came around and no one showed up... then all of our appointments fell through friday and saturday! to sum it up... we werent able to teach any of our investigators this week! but i learned a lot. heavenly father must ahve been working on me as a missionary! I learned a lot about perserverance and trusting that my efforts werent going to waste and that its ok... you just have to keep pushing on and knowing that its ok! but yeah.. this week we have some crazy plans and then its the end of the transfer.. it blows my mind!! its gone soo fast and its already september!!!!! but thank you to everyone who wrote and your prayers... but enough about my sad life... ( just kidding THE BEST LIFE EVER!!!!!) HOW WAS THE WEDDING?? and SARE your headed to CAMBODIA!!!! MADI B has a boyfriend.. RPITT is married.... TMANG is killing it a BYU! I HAVE A BROTHER.... WHAT??? CLARENCE isnt cheering... CAM is a junior in high school... WOW. Things are changing!!! its soo crazy! but i love you guys soo much! i hope all is well at home.. i know that this gospel is so real. i thank heavenly father everyday for this sacred experience as a missionary! its soo amazing to be able to be challenged and to learn that i can push through it even if it is hard. but i love you guys and hope all is well! remember little al pal all the way down here in ituzaingo... keep the faith! 

xoxox hermana pitts 

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