Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept. 21, 2015

IM HEADED TO THE PROMISE LAND.... PARAGUAY. Am i freaking out?? a little. am i sad to leave hermana wilson?? devistated. BUT AM I PUMPED OUT OF MY MIND?? YES! Its soo crazy how fast this transfer has gone, i swear that i was just switching moms... and now im flying outside the nest all the way across the river... TO ENCARNACION, paraguay. Transfers are tal vez wednesday or thursday.. but im leaving my birthplace. Im going to be sad to leave. but another adventure is coming my way! 

here its as simple as once you go to paraguay.. there is no turning back. rumor has it that it is an entirely different place, im crossing the river... but another chapter is starting in my mission! 

Im really sad to be leaving here.. i have learned an grown soo much.. i wont be able to see my investigators like mario.. be baptized.. or carlos. but that is part of the mission and part of life i guess! its going to be another chance to learn and to grow.. but i dont even know where to begin with this week! honestly me and hermana wilson have just been enjoying our time together. hahahaha but lets see what happened! monday and tuesday we were in posadas.. AGAIN. hahahahah and then Thursday as well for tramites and zone meetings! but with all the traveling we still managed to have 2 of the most incredible lessons.. both with less actives. I have never felt the spirit so strong as they bore their testimonies about how the are recognizing the need of repentence. 

REPENTENCE is EVERYTHING! i think that that word has such a bad connotation.. but ITS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! we have to repent. We have to change. that is what repentence is CHANGE! i love that.. i need to change every single day.. We all need to change a little everyday. repentence is not something that we can do all at once. its a process like change! its a process that allows us to be better.. become a little more like our savior and it is through him that we do that! 

Sunday we had conferencia de estaca! WOW. its was so cool.. we travelled again to posadas from ituzaingo and elder resek and president la pierre spoke! I loved what president talked about.. he spoke about the spirit. it was exactly what i needed to hear. That we as missionaries are going to say something that touches people and that people are going to remember from the preearth life! 

I love this misison.... its hard. everyday i am tired.. and its getting hot.. and soo im sweaty and there is sand in all of my shoes and in my bed.. i doubt my abilities as people laugh at me for saying something wrong. but i love the spirit!! that is why i am here... so that people can feel their lord and savior through his spirit! 

I love you all.. keep the faith

xoxox hermana pitts 

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