Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Family. what is up. wow its already october and general conference has passed... im going through withdrawls. SERIOUSLY THE PAST TWO DAYS WERE LIKE CHRISTMAS! i love general conference as a missionary. YES WE GOT TO WATCH IT IN ENGLISH.  soooooo rad. there were about 10 of us english speakers.. hahah that all huddled in a room to watch it in english! missionaries came from all over to encarnacion to rama 1 (my rama) hahah to watch it! but it was fun to be back in america for a time CASI. but where to begin this week...
hahahah the mission is a blur. its like what you said this week mom its seriously groundhog day hahahhaha everyday... with spiritual experiences in between.. but this week heavenly father has been working on us. The past few days... weeks. i dont even know in this new area have been interesting. i have found myself often discouraged. sooo let me just give you the low down on this new area. i am sure i shared a little bit last week.. hahahha but yeah so we are in the city center of encarnacion! when i first got the call i thought AWESOME!!! a city!!! but what i didnt realize is that i was going to a place that only had a few investigators and so we needed to contact a fullll... BUT.... there are no houses. there are only apartments that you have to have a key in order to enter... you would think great STREET CONTACT! no. there are no addresses in paraguay.. so if you want to find someone its going to be a little difficult to find there house. so with no houses and no investigators and yo no conozco the area... its been a lot of walking... and a lot of contacting with noooo luck. So ive been a little stressed and a little discouraged with myself. but that is ok. 
Transfers are going to be like that... weeks are going to be like that... hahahhaah but enough about the bad news. 

WE HAVE SELINAS BAPTISM!!!! my investigator that only can speak in guarani! she is going to be baptized this saturday! im soo excited for her. you can tell that even though she doesnt understand everything.. she can feel it. its another testimony that the spirit is so real. the spirit is the teacher... thats all we have to do is be humble enough to recognize it! i loved what president eyring said about the spirit... i dont remember word for word hahahha my mind is sooo scattered. but that the we have to look for the spirit have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. that is what selina has. and that is what i am striving for! the ability to know the language of the spirit. But with her only knowing guarani and her coming to conference we were able to put it on in guarani for her... which meant that me and hermana woolf took turns watching it with her so she woldnt have to be alone... soooo i missed some of the talks... hahahha sooo dont tell me what president nelson and a few of the others from sunday morning session said.... shhhhhhhh dont ruin the surprise no im kidding.
but what else happened this week.. oh yeah soo its been a little crazy.. i went to asuncion. hahah no wonder i am so tired and my mind is soo crazy.. thrusday night we travelled all night to asuncion for tramites. BUT the only other hermana that went WAS HERMANA MURPHY!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she is soo good. we practically spent all day running around asuncion together seriously needed it! hahahah i am hoping that one day we will be companions... seriously we clicked from day one. she was hermana wilsons comp in the MTC. but i love her. anyways... so after a whole day in asuncion we travelled and arrived late at night friday night. but THEN... CONFERENCE
wow conference was just what i needed! i loved all the talks and the feelings that i felt during them... i cant pick a favorite! but i loved president uchtdorfs and devin durrants about ponderizing! LETS ALL DO IT!!!! ahhhhh Im starting this week with 1 nephi 8 10 12 sooo good! but i love conference. it made me realize that the reason that this chruch is soo different from any other church is that we have a living profet today! we have someone that leads and guides us.. helping us know exactly what gods will is for us! its amazing! we have the gospel in fullness because we have a living profet! we can do the ordanances that are required to make it to the celestial kingdom because we have a living profet today! i loved that.
There were so many things that i could comment on! there isnt tons of time and i forgot my notes hahahhaha but really i want to hear your comments. i love you all. i know that this chruch is true. that heavenly father has a plan for us! I know that the trials... the areas... the comps... the experiences that i am having in the mission and all the experiences in life are for our good! I am learning how to trust our father in heaven. Its definitely hard... hahahhah faith and trust are something that you have to actively exercise every single day... i have faith that i am going to understand people when they speak spanish. i have faith that my efforts arent going to waste. i trust that god is going to use me as his instrument. i have faith that my savior through his divine sacrafice is going to help me. Sometimes when we have nothing... we can have faith.... Even when i feel like i am nothing and that i have nothing... i have faith. i trust that god is molding me into the person that i need to be! I love this gospel and i love the teachings. i am here for my heavenly father. i am not here for myself. for my family... even for the people i am teaching... hahahhah i know that sounds kinda weird but i am here for all those people... but really its not their mission... its not anyones mission but the lords and that is why i am here. its his work!
i love you all and i pray for you everyday! hope you have a good week!
keep the faith because there may not be anything else.
xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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