Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Things are about the same here in encarn.. another week is behind me. Its so crazy how fast the weeks really do pass. I will admit... when you said you feel like you are living a groundhog day life mom... i am living one. Everymorning its about the same i get up study a bit... teach a bit... study some more.. teach some more... walk a MONTON... inbetween and then head to bed. hahahhah you want to know what life is like as a missionary.. its just about that hahahha.
BUT THIS WEEK SALINA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! sooooo cool. we got to help her get dressed and everything.. which is something that i never got to do with baltazar hahhahah but anyways! I love the spirit that is at baptisms. there is something so special to see a single mom or a sweet old grandpa pitts like man that steps down into the waters of baptism and promises to follow christ. I LOVE IT! Espeically knowing that they have sacraficed so much to be where they are at!
But with lots of blessings this week there were lots of trials.... we have so many menos activos here. hahahah encarn is just full of them. But with being in paraguay... we dont have any dirrections or addresses of people. SOOOOOOO...... its been rough we are still trying to figure out a groove to work with them. but lets see where do i begin...
Our investigators that we have been working with are ORO, but they struggle with the fact of coming to church just about like every other paraguayan.... for some reason sundays are a real challenge to sacrafice a little bit of time... but we are getting there! Emi and Chiqui i am hoping will one day realize the importance... all i can do is have patience.
Funny experiences this week... i had a nice mexican tell me that he was in love with me and that he wants to marry me... I tripped and landed on my face... annnnnnnnndddddd....... i dont know. hahahhahah the mission is just funny... I HAVE LEARNED THAT I HAVE TO LAUGH EVERYTHING OFF! 

hmmmm really nothing is new... except my attitude! hahahah this week i had my interview with president la pierre. PRETTY MUCH HE GAVE ME THE BEST ADVICE. hahahhahahahahha that was to enjoy. For those of you who know me.... hahhah i sometimes have a hard time of letting things go if they dont go my way... truly i am the red type a personality if you have ever met one. but this week as i was explaining how i was frustrated because i dont feel like i am progressing, i dont feel like i am the misisonary i should be... i feel like i am not living up to my potential... president simply said... AND WHY DOES THAT MATTER??? hahhahahahhaha its sooo true. I will never regret my time as a missionary! because i am trying... i am learning... and i am growing... I cant stress about that we are improving with our metas and with my testimony and skills as a teacher... really i am trying and that is all that matters... EVEN IF EVERY SINGLE CITA falls through... like it has almost everyday this transfer! I AM TRYING! GOD IS THERE!!!! I AM DOING THE BEST THAT I CAN!
Anyways... hahahah I just went off on a tangent.. but I love this gospel. The mission is definitley not what i imagined! hahahahha as i am sitting in a cyber in the middle of paraguay.. listening to 80s top hits... h(hahhahaha not my choice, its simply playing in the background hahaha ) I want you all to know that i am happy. I am serving. I know that even though its hard heavenly father is taking care of it. I love this gospel and i love serving my savior. I FREAKING LOVE PARAGUAY! ahhhhh but There is stuff to be learned from these people... I love that! this culture is AMAZING!
I love you all keep praying for me... the language.. the area... the comp... but I love you guys soo much! keep the faith always!!
xoxoxox hermana pitts 

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