Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015

I seriously feel like i am in the movie groundhogs day... hahahhah but dont worry my life isnt going by super slow... its pretty much doing the opposite! 
the same life the same day lived over and over again... with a few bumps in between... But WHAT IS UP.. how is everyone i feel like i am so out of the loop... just sitting here in a little cyber in the middle of south america (literally the heart.) and my life is about the same hahahah
there isnt much to say this week other than i am almost through another transfer which blows my mind and christmas is coming so fast i can hardly believe it! time is so crazy on the mission.. you literally do the same thing everysingle day! hahhahah but its crazy! I LOVE IT!  even though i walk around everyday and sometimes have to ask people como 18 times... i LOVE THIS COUNTRY. I am happy. there are times where life is hard. i think wow.... what have i accomplished this week. but i am trying and that is all that matters. heavenly father is working somehow even if i cant see it. hahahahah
but yeah what happened this week i did get to go to obligado for divisions and i was with herman johnson WHO IS AWESOME!!!!! ahhhhh i love her.. she is from idaho and hilarious.. so we had the chance to speak some english.. oh how i miss english. hahahha and walk about 15 km throughout there gigantic area. but yeah... then it was back to my area...
but other than that we pretty much had every single appointment fall through this week. taught a mon ton of menos activos... and then sunday was back! its soo crazy.. our schedule here is jam packed monday tuesday wednesday and thursday... sooo my weeks are on fast forward for a few days... then it slows back down for the next 3 days and next thing i know i am back at monday. its crazy!
but yeah this week with the help of heavenly father we found a new investigator. his name is mario.. he is soo cool... but wow. his life has been full of hardships. i sometimes feel so inadequate to teach him because i really honestly have no way of helping him other than telling him that i admire his strength. but he is so open and receptive, his wife was recently diagnosed with melanoma and it isnt looking good.. and then he also is father to his ninetas whose father passed away about 2 years ago... and then on top of that his youngest son is severely handicapped. he is such an example for me. but he gets it so much more than i do so its even harder to teach him cause his experiences are amazing. but im excited to continue learning from him.
but we are working... thats what i tell hermana woolf.. really to reassure myself hahahah that we are doing the best that we can. i trust heavenly father is helping even though i sometimes cant see the miracles. really we have emi and chigui who are eternal investigators... and that is about all we are teaching.we walk a lot and contact a lot...  its been really hard. a mental mind game. BUT I CANT LET IT GET ME DOWN!!!!!!! hahhahahah
that is what i am starting to learn here. that even though not everything can go my way.. i can be content. i think it is the same with our lives. that we cant control everything but we can control if we are enjoying it! I know i am here for a reason! i love this gospel and am praying for the ability to see the good in everything! i know that heavenly father has a plan and that he is doing his work... whether he is molding and shaping me or the people that we are helping! i love this work... i love my savior... and i love the mission... even though its hard.. I DONT WANT TO BE ANYWHERE ELSE!!! I love you guys.. i pray for you every single day! have the best week ever..
keep the faith!

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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