Friday, June 26, 2015

Week 6 June 26, 2015

I AM DYING. I can't believe I have 3 more days... 3 more days in the US, 3 more days in the MTC, 3 more days until everything gets real. A week from right now ill most likely be walking the streets of argentina! the anticipation is KILLING ME!! Its crazy how fast time has gone! I am on my 7 week as a missionary and to think that time is going to continue to fly! 

This week has been crazy!! we have the new mission presidents seminar, we have been enjoying the last week with our teachers, our last week somewhat understanding the spanish... ahhahaha but I am really going to miss this place. Although im sick of the food, and sitting in class all day long.. I love the people I am with! I am so grateful for the experiences that I had while I was here!!! 

its sooo crazy that every week as missionaries leave we head all over the world to share the gospel! i love it! we are all doing it together!! but Im trying to think what has happened this week!! ummmmmmm.... oh yeah!! sooo monday tuesday and wednesday were about the same... class and spanish and more teaching, AMAZING devotionals... they moved all of our activities out of the main building and into the gym where GUESS WHAT?!! sooo for about 9 months now ive been eating BYU catering... ok it doesnt seem that bad.. but trust me I AM SOOO SICK OF IT. I am soo lucky to have you mom to send me treats and diet coke and one of the girls that I have gotten really close to here, hermana holt (I SERIOUSLY FOUND A KINDRED SPIRIT IN HER, PROBABLY WOULDN'T HAVE SURVIVED WITHOUT HER.) has taken care of us with swig cookies and black licorice homemade suckers!! hahahahah anyways... thank you to everyone for the treats!! hahahahah and healthy foods #questbars. but lets just say that thursday was the best day ever!!!! WE HAD TACO BELL..... AND..... SUBWAY.. i hate subway.. but Ill tell you, it was really good!!!! hahahahahha but anyways..
 Travel Plans
 Fun Sisters-Thai sisters and Sister Squires
 Tired sisters
 Sister Pitts and Sister Peterson

enough with the excitement of something good to eat, thursday they did this new thing where a mission president gets put with a district of missionaries and we get a lesson from them and get to talk to them! ours were from uruguay... it was a serious wake up call!! I understood next to nothing... and i feel like I have been trying my best with spanish these past few weeks... oh well hopefully, well im sure... hahhah ill figure it out after a few weeks!! but it was really neat! they were super nice but we had no translator and they spoke 0 english... It makes me a little more nervous about the language.. but the anticipation is what is killing me!!! this fear of the unknown! but I know that its an adventure!! I love everyone's words of encouragement that they send me! that enjoy every second and take things as they come and learn from them!! I love that!!!

Keeping the faith is everything!! we have to trust that heavenly father will take care and watch over us... that he doesnt give us anything we can't handle!!! I am so grateful to have a family that loves me and supports me! you guys mean so much to me and i miss you everyday!! but I am excited for the adventure to come!! next time i write home ill be in argentina!!!! CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY... 


XOXOXO hermana pitts 

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