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WEEK 2 May 29, 2015

that i can be!! I love this quote that I found in my mission prep manual, it says that "i am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation isnt cheap" I firmly believe that. We are here and its hard but its sooo good!! i love my investigators and I love teaching!! 

enough with the serious stuff! hahah this week i have had a few laughs. Some mistakes that are too funny not to share. its all happened to me when i was being dumb and trying to speak spanish and not really know what I was saying hahahaha we were teaching hugo (our investigator that we have found out will soon be our spanish teacher) and I was trying to explain the spirit. hahahahah I was telling him about feelings that come to your heart when you feel the power of el espiritú santo. anyways, I was talking about feelings of happiness and comfort and peace that come to your heart, but didnt know the word for peace. so I tried to make it up. I told him sentirá los sentimientos de PES in su corazon. He looked at me and started laughing, and I had no idea what was going on..... he then asked "en el auga?" and I just said no no se, and went on. come to find out when I walked out of the lesson that I had just told hugo that when he felt the spirit.... HE WILL FEEL A FISH IN HIS HEART!!! we laughed for seriously a half hour. I could not believe that I had just told him that! luckily I later reviewed those feelings in another lesson and made sure I used PAZ. hahahahah sooo funny!!! and then another time, I had asked him what he thought would happen in his future? like where do you want to be in 20 years... and he didnt really know so i gave him an example of where I wanted to be. the only thing I could think of was, quiero los hijos. he just stared at me like what the heck did you just say..... hahahhaahhaahha i just told him I wanted children. I guess Hermana Pitts might be baby hungry! hahahahahha but it was sooo dumb! i couldn't believe I had said that but when silly things happen like that, I was embarrassed but hermana fox is really good with just laughing it off with me!!! its so great!! this work is soo great!! 

I know that heavenly father loves me and I LOVE YOUR LETTERS AND DEAR ELDERS!!!! they are amazing!!! seriously thank you so much, they mean the world to me! when I get discouraged all I have to do is pull out a letter and know that you guys are all cheering me on!! 

Oh! one more thing! that kind goes along with this hahahah, on sunday we had the missionary manager, i think his name was elder allen come speak to us for devotional and he talked about those that have come before!! we sang COME COME YE SAINTS!! and how we all have our specific trials and paths that we take, but there are so many out there that have gone before us as missionaries and know exactly what we are going through!!! I am so grateful to have a mom and dad that both served and an older sister!! I think of you guys often in the times i am feeling down! and know that you know what i am going through! Elder allen explained that if they can do it! we all can do it! that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! that combine with elder hollands devotional were exactly what I needed to hear!! I am so grateful for the lord's work and to be apart of it right now!! I am a missionary of the last days!! Preparing the way for christ to come again!! The field is white and its ready to harvest! 
Rach i watched the character of christ!! Its exactly what I needed this first week out!! I love you all soooo much when much is given much is required!!! and when much is required much is given!! we will all be blessed for our faith in jesus christ!! 

KEEP THE FAITH!! ( i never really understood that until this week) I NEED THE FAITH!! hahahahhahahahahhahahhah I WOULDNT BE SURVIVING THIS WHIRLWIND WITHOUT IT!!!
BUT there is no place I would rather be!!!!

I love you all soo much!! keep writing!! I love it!!! you are all my greatest examples!! 



On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 10:47 AM, Alison Pitts <> wrote:

Time is such a weird thing here in the MTC! I feel like every week I get a week older! our zone always jokes about it, that every week it feels likes we were born into life as a missionary!! but the spirit here is amazing!!!!! 

GUESS WHAT!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!? 
ELDER HOLLAND CAME ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! he talked about how our only weapon of offense in the amour of the lord is the sword of the spirit! we have to open our mouths to speak! satan wants us to stay silent, not share the gospel because when we bear testimony of truth the spirit can touch hearts and change lives! so even though I dont know spanish and I may not be perfect through teaching, I can use the power of the spirit and it can touch people! he talked about how when joseph smith was in the sacred grove while he was praying the adversary couldnt touch him but he did the next best thing that would stop joseph from this miracle, and the 2nd most important event on the earth after the birth life and atonement of our savior; and that was to bind his tounge!!! it was such a powerful experience.... Changing my whole perspective on missionary work!! We HAVE to open our mouths and like enoch the lord will give us the words to say, the spirit will guide us, and the holy ghost is the ultimate teacher!!! I love that!!! ahhhh sooo amazing!!!

but anyways!! these past few days have again been such a roller coaster. We have now taught 8 lessons and they have all been IN SPANISH!!!!  its crazy how ill say something and hope that they understand and our investigators get it!!! I love the spiritual high that I get everytime I teach someone!! it strengthens my testimony so much! i love to feel the spirit in spanish!!! its AMAZING!!! but I know that heavenly father is mindful of me and my circumstances, I am so grateful for prayer and the comfort that comes from it! 

The MTC is definately hard sometimes, hey a mission is hard sometimes (so i have heard) but i know that its those times where I feel the spirti whether through studying or through teacher that i know this is where I am supposed to be! and I know that this church is christ's church and that I am experiencing a small piece, a microscopic piece of what christ went through. I shouldnt even compare it to that ahahahaha but im going to be brutally honest for 1 second... hahah this is the hardest thing I have ever done. but I know its for my benefit. that I am learning and growing and that i can do anything with the lords help!! we have the atonement for a reason!! its crazy but every time I am almost at my end. where I feel defeated! heavenly father sends me a tendermercy, a pickme up!! he keeps giving me little experiences that help me to feed that fire and to continue having that desire to be a missionary and share my testimony!! 

i hope those argentines are ready cause I am praying for them! hahahahah and I am ready to get down there and use all the preparation that I am making right now to be the best HERMANA PITTS 
 Hermanas in my District

 My Cute Companion Hermana Fox

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