Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7, 2015 First Week in the Field

HOLY COW. is this real or is it a dream.. seriously its crazy that I am here.. i feel like i am on a different planet where time is soo warped.. one second time will be flying by and the next i am counting the milliseconds! im hanging in there though. i feel like soo much has happened. I spent my last couple nights in the mtc and then prepared to head for argentina... woke up monday morning.. headed to the airport about 8 am and had a flight all day to atlanta where we eventaully took the red eye to buenos aires... with little sleep and a lot of excitement we took another smaller plane to posadas where we spent some time at the mission home..

here in posadas we have both argentina and paraguay.. so the first couple days were in the mission home working on visa paper work.... we crashed in a hotel for the first couple nights... where i just kept being told to enjoy it because other places werent as nice... but lets just say the hotel was close to a super 8... anyways... by thursday we were headed to ITUZAINGO!! a little beachy town about an hour away from posadas. my trainer is a greenie as well she is from west jordan and is seriously the best... i wouldnt survive without her! She is really quiet and feels a little out of place training.. but I am so grateful to be with her we have some big ideas to help the small branch in itzaingo. She only has about 5 months in the mission and just finished her training! but its fun its an adventure!!!

thursday night we were out teaching!!! she has been in the area her entire mission and knows it soo well... our spanish is a struggle but we learn more everyday!! the branch is really struggling because of the recent loss of a sister in the ward.. there are only about 3 strong families and lots of menos activos... pero there is a lot of work and we are ready!!! we have 2 investigators as well taht I just love!! luz and baltasar!!! im enjoying teaching soo much!!! 

I dont even know where to begin!! i feel like I am just jumping all over the place!! but we have just been out to work and doing our best to strengthen both the rama and the people in itzaingo!! we live in a little pension just outside of the central not many bugs but its freezing here... we luckily have a heater that we turn on every chance we get!!! but i am hanging in there... Its hard but everyday gets a little easier so dont worry... I dont even know what to say ahahahahah 

pension... area... members... rama... trainer... I saw elder ollerton he is my zone leader!! hahahah sooo fun!!! ummm oh there are 2 elders in ituzaingo as well and president wants us to work with them!!! its really fun we have some big ideas for it and I am really excited to get to work strengthening the branch and the members as well as the investigators that we have..

Oh food... hahahahhaah its really weird here!! the food is good but soo many carbs.. holy cow!!! but we eat with members almost everyday which is really cool and they are sooooo nice!!! i love them already!!!! but we eat a big lunch and then we dont have dinner here... which is good.. but there is a lot of walking to burn off the carbs!!! hahahahhaha 

Story!!!! hahaha we have been doing the same thing hahaha teaching and contacting and meeting with menos activos and members and the branch president.. the weeks go by really fast its crazy... (even though i only have 1 week hahahah) but to think that its already tuesday almost wednesday is crazy!!!
anyways we havent been able to get our funds and we have to travel the furthest for any meetings or conferences... but its funny we have just been living off what we got.. and we still havent really figured it out which is why I am writing today... hopefully in the future it will be on modnays.. but anyways.. I am almost out of time!! but I love you and hope you are doing well!! sounds like the 4th was fun!! and that you are doing good!!! 

Ive learned so much this week already.. the atonement is soooooooooooo real.. i need it everyday!!! i dont know how i would be here without the divine help of heavenly father.. i am sooo grateful to have the knowledge of that and to know that I can be with you guys forever that nothing can separate us... this church is soo true and i love sharing it with other people.. its hard but its worth it.. and I cant believe how much I have grown.. Its amazing! you guys are the best thank you everyone for everything you ahve sent me it means sooo much... I can feel your love!!! youre the best... and remember that I think about you guys everyday... I miss you but i am on the greatest adventure of my life!!! 

keep the faith!!! i love you

con amor
xoxoxxo hermana pitts

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