Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 10, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

where do i even begin??? Ahhhhh i dont even know how to start. but seriously there has never been a week where i have seen the lords hand more than this one. but first of all thank you soo much for the letters.. seriously they mean the world to me! they are answers to my prayers. 

Miracle #1: the baptism of baltasar was schedule to be august 1... we were soo excited and knew that he is soo prepared for baptism.. serisouly this guy knows more about jospeh smith than i do! he is killllllerrrr. anyways this week we have diligently been preparing him for baptism! teaching him the final lessons and he was recieving everything sooo well.. you could just see the light and the excitement in his eyes. but a requirement for baptism here is 3 asistences en la iglesia. what we didnt know is that he only had 2... sooo yesterday was the final! but we passed by his house in the morning and he wasnt there!!!!!!! seriously my heart sunk... i was soooo sad.. we thought lets just leave him a note and hopefully he will come late.. but he never did.. after church we went and visted him and he told us this story about how he was praying for comfort because he didnt feel like he was ready for baptism and that when we had to change his date (because of only 2 attendences) it was an answer to a prayer!!! sooooo cool. heavenly father seriosuly knows every single one of us sooo perfectly its crazy! now baltasar is getting baptized the 8 of august!! keep him in your prayers because the adversary really starts tempting them the week before!!!

miracle#2 luz took the sacrament!!!!!!!! ahhhhh we have been trying for weeks to try to get her to take the sacrament and she finally did!!! but before we went to her house and were going to pick her up for church but she said that she couldnt come because she was babysitting her nieces... we tried everything but there weas no way she could come.. we left heartbroken again... and after passing for baltasar and him not being there was walked the rest of the way to the church with our hearts hurting... but when we got there we walked in and luz was there!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh i have never been sooo happy! but not only did she come but she was able to partkae of the sacrament!! it was amazing!!! heavenly father is just giving us things and they are just falling in our laps!! this work is soo amazing! 

Miracle #3 so we have been working with mauricio a menos activo that has a testimony but doenst feel worthy of the gospel and they help of jesus churst but this week we found out that they cant find his baptism record soo he has to get rebaptzied... sooo august 8 we have 3 baptism scheduled... luz baltasar and maurcio! its amazing!!!! this work is sooooo real...

but there were a million other miracles and tendermercies this week i cant even list them all but i know that god is in our lives everyday we just have to look... 
This mission is definitely one of the hardest things that i have ever done... walking everyday... swollen misquito bites... cold showers and permanent sand everywhere.. people making fun of me for not knowing what they are saying..... but i know that god is real. heavenly father is helping me through this! he doesnt give us anything i cant handle and it is through our savior that we can recieve help! he knows exactly how i feel! the book of mormon is the key to everything... we have to read it in order to learn more about the role of the atonement! but the atonement is the way back! it is humbling ourselves and making little changes everyday.. repenting in some way everyday in order to become just a little bit better.. i love the quote by john bytheway.... hahahah no idea how to speñll it but he said that we are learning heaven.... we have tolearn how to be heavenly and that is through the grace of jesus christ that we are able to do that. I know that this gospel is true and that is because of the book of mormon. IT IS SOOO POWERFUL!!!! seriously it is a durg to me right now!!! i cant get enough of the scriptures... but I am so grateful to be here and be able to share it with people.... ¡¡¡¡¡Yo se que ese libro es verdadero!!!!!!

disfruta su semana!

xoxox hermana pitts

 Hermana Pitts and Hermana Hartley

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