Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 11

Aug. 3, 2015

this week fllllleeeeewww... monday and tuesday we were in posadas and then wednesday i had my first taste of divisions.... SOOOOOO COOL. its crazy how much you can learn by simply being with another companion for a day. but i was with hermana simmons who leaves next week... sooo it was really fun talking to her and asking her my questions. asking someone questions who has experienced the whole thing! who is finished with her shift in the vineyard and is dying next week.. but I LEARNED SOOO MUCH..  i think i learn soo much everyday with hermana hartley.. seriously every night we just look at each other and just say WOW. how can we learn something new everysingle day... how to be a better missionary... how to help our investigators... how to be a better person... how AMAZING this gospel is ... more about our savior... THE LIST COULD GO ON FOREVER!!!! but that is what i love about being a missionary!!! being able to learn everysingle day!!! and have a life changing eye opening, mind blowing experience every single day!!! IT IS SO COOL!!!! 

we had a lot of really cool experiences with our investigators this week.... the problem is that our plans are always flipped flopped and we do a CRAZY amount of walking... every night we get back to the pensions and my feet ache and i can barely keep my eyes open... but i guess that i know that i am working hard! hahahahah the weather is starting to get really hot.... the sun is MUY FUERTE.  but its winter and sooo i cant imagine what summer is going to be like... 

but its getting easier... i am starting to get used to everything... the language is slowly coming but everyday i get the opportunity to be humbled and strengthened through the atonement of jesus chirst. we have learned a lot with our investigators... this week we found out that baltasar has gone back into old habits and we are going to have to change the baptsimal date again.. its sooo hard because he has such a strong testimony but there is just one tiny obstacle. 
keep him in your prayers that he wont feel so lonely and he can overcome his drinking!!! he is sooo amazing!! the sweetest old man i have every met..

yesterday was hard.. i LOVE sundays... and i HATE sundays. they seriously are the best being able to go to church, ituzaingo has the most beautiful chapel... ill have to send a picture of it!!! but the spirit is sooo strong in our little branch.. but yesterday my heart sank when none of our investigators could come!!!! sundays are hard because you work all week to try to get them to come to church and when they dont follow through my heart breaks.... i hate it... but then you still feel the spirit and its all good... but when they do come sundays are the best days in the whole world!!!

anyways yeah the work is slow here... the members and the branch need a lot of attention to there isnt much unity here... so we are just working... trying to focus and balance our efforts!!!! but its alll good!!!! just keep on keeping on!!!!! 

this work is amazing!! i know that this church is tryly led by our savior... and that HE LIVES!!!! i love sharing my testimony of the book of momron and the importance of family!!!! i love him and wouldnt be here if i didnt!!! its hard but its worth while!!! i love you guys and i hope you ahve the best week!!

Keep the faith,

xoxox hermana pitts 

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