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Week 13 August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015


This week has been crazy!!! cambios.... new area.... teaching my new comp the area..... and on top of that a baptism!!! the mission is amazing! although i miss you all dearly i finally feel like i am getting a little bit more comfortable with everything here at least in ituzaingo. there are a lot of things that are hard still the language and the changing companions but overall its coming... with time i hope! but yeah i dont even know where to begin!

Monday and tuesday were our last days together as me and hermana hartley found out that i would be staying in ituzaingo and she would be headed to paraguay....but what i didnt know is that my new madrastra would be an abuelita from paraguay!!! 

which is what happened thrusday!!!!! thursday i met my new companion! Hermana Wilson! she is from mountain home idaho and has over  year on the mission!! its such a different world being with her... she is so comfortable with being a missionary... the language... being comfortable where she is with training and everything!! really different than mine and hermana hartleys realtionship but i am excited to be able to learn from her!  she is very experienced as to why she is a grandma here on the mission.. there are a lot of things that i looovvvee that i want to apply and there are a lot of things that i like that me and hermana hartley did and its just going to take some time to adjust and figure out the type of missionary that i want to be!!! but she is amazing!!!

Friday and saturday wereCRAZY!!!! baltazar had his baptism planned for saturday and we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get everything set... but here in argentina... in a place that hasnt had a baptism in over a year allll we needed were 3 things...

1. baltazar
2. someone to do the baptism
3. cake

thats about as simple as it gets!! after some last minute prep the baptism was perfect!!!!!! sooo pretty with a dulce de leche cake at the end!!!! who could have asked for more?? not me!!! next time i am hoping that we will have 2 baptisms all on the same day!!! HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE??? wow with time and with faith!!!

but anyways!!! we have been starting the work back up in ituzaingo!! contacting.... contacting... and some more contacting... but we have lots of promising potential investigators and i am really excited for that!!! but we are praying for a family to help the branch here in ituzaingo they need it sooo bad!!! but I love this work!! IT IS FREAKING HARD!!!!! but i love it! and i wouldnt want to be in any other place!! 

this week has been a lot of changes... but i love changes! that is what the gospel is all about!! changes... just improving your life every single day... making a small change to come to our savior!!! this week i challenge you guys to change something to sacrafice just a little more and come just a little bit closer to our savior!!! I am going to do the same! i this week am going to be a little more diligent in my work and be a little bit more like jesus christ in showing my love to others!!!! that is my goal! i know that christ is going to help us!!! we just have to have faith that he will and ask. that is all it takes!!! I love you guys soo much and I love this gospel! i know it is true and i know that i am on this mission to be able to become the best HERMANA PITTS that i can be!!! the best disciple of jesus christ that I can be!!!

I love my savior and I love you guys! hope you have a good week!!! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! 
hermana pitts 
 Baptism in Ituzaingo!

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