Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 12, Aug. 10, 2015

WOW... have i really made it 6 weeks here??? it seems like the longest and shortest month and a half of my life.... but i have learned sooo much!

WE HAVE CAMBIOS THIS WEEK!!!! we found out this morning!!! i will be staying in ITUZAINGO one more transfer which i expected and am super excited to stay and continue working buttttttt i am getting a new trainer!!!!! Ill let you know next week what she is like... alll i know is that she is another american!! which is sooo crazy.... there are so many people here who havent had one and i have had 2!

I was at first a little disappointed because i wanted to have a latino in order to learn the language faster but heavenly father knows best!!! he obviously needs me for a different purpose and i am excited to meet my new comp!! she is going to be the new hermana leader soo LOTS OF CAMBIOS!!! which is am super excited about i love divisions!!! Another opprotunity to learn more!!!

but wow... i am soo sad that hermana hartley is leaving we have grown soo much as a companionship in these past few weeks but its sooo good! changes are good... we need them! that is why we have the atonement we are supposed to change and better ourselves... become a little bit more like our savior!!!! that is what we are teaching people... and now wea re going to live it!!! sooo crazy! im excited to see what this next transfer brings... 

This week... hmmmmmmmmm where do i even begin!! 
baltasar had his baptism interview!!!!!!!! he is getting baptized this saturday!!! sooooo crazy i am soo excited for him! this week we started teaching his neighbor salina... who has been reading the book of mormon and praying with baltasar everynight! it is sooo cool to see how baltasar has the desire to share the gospel!!! pray for him this week! satan is always really strong on us right before something big happens!!! 

its amazing this work... so often we have no idea what we are doing and it all just works out!!! its such a testimony that the lord is in our lives.. the lord knows us and as missionaries we are doing his work!!! Things just work out and all we have to do is have faith!!! have faith that the lord is going to help us... and HE WILL!!!!! 

We have had soo many amazing experiences this week... one of particular is one taht i will never forget...

we walking to an appointment and had a few extra minutes sooo we decided to contact! we were in an area that we never really had been much... and there was a man sitting out side of his house in a wheel chair! as we walked up to him i handed him a pass along card with a picutre of christ on it!!! but as we began talking to him a women walked out and told us that he cant speak... that he can understand but he isnt able to speak! she then went back in her house for me i didnt notice it because i dont ever understand anyone hahaha sooo his mumbling made up language didnt sound any different than spanish... but as he spoke i understood exactly what he was saying!!! it was the spirit!!! it was amazing!!!!!!! even though he wasnt speaking english... or spanish... or any language... the spirit was helping us to communicate!!! even though all we kept saying that we love him and that christ loves him... i know that he knows that christ knows his heart!  it was an experience that testified to me taht we all have disablilities and we all have weaknesses but christ knows! christ knows how we feel and how to succor us!!! he is the only person taht understands us perfectly and exactly! i know that these past 6 weeks i wouldnt have been able to do this without the help and succoring of my savior!!! HE LIVES. i know this with all my heart. I am so grateful for his sacrafice so i dont have to go through this life alone. HE KNOWS!!!!!!!! TRUST IN HIM!!!! alll we have to do is have faith..  i love 3 nephi 9 that is all we have to do we only have to have faith believing on him and we will receive the salvation... we will recieve the happiness the help!!!! 

this gospel is soo true... it is the only thing that is true on this earth and the only way back!!! 
I know that and that is why i am here. I love you guys and hope you have a good week

xxoxoxoxo keep the faith!!!!!!!! seriously... KEEP THE FAITH.

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