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Week 9 July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015

I cant believe i have already been here almost a month.. it blows my mind because i feel like i was born here and that my life before was a distant memory. it has definately been an adjustment... its a different world in argentina.. different people, food, challenges, smells, living conditions... but it doesnt mean that its bad.. just takes some getting used to and everyday i wake up and know that i am going to be ok... which is a start hahahahhah
ok.. ITUZAINGO!!!!!! a small beach town about the only beach town in this area of argentina but it is in the province of corrientes along the playa de parana.... the people are sooooo amable... sooo nice and friendly!!! WHICH I LOVE!!!! there is a small rama there but it is strengthening every day!!! its crazy... the missionary work here is a bit slow.. there werent many strong missionaries here before so its slow but its improving!!! we have about 50 people that attend church everyweek and there are over 500 menos activos in the area... SO WE WORK A TON WITH THEM!!!!! its crazy... teaching someone that used to have this amazing knowledge and that fell away! but it doesnt mean that there arent progressing investigators too!!!
Right now we are teaching 3 people consistently that we hope are progressing but its hard to know.... hahahahha but yes!!!!
BALTASAR!!!!! he is our most promising... he is this guy with the greatest story!! i think i already shared it.. but he has done a 180 since we found him!!! and hopefully will be ready for his baptism next saturday august 1st!! pray for him!!! hahahhah but he is soo cool... lives in this tiny house 1 bedroom house and is the sweetest man with the sincerest desire to hear and live the gospel... our problem with him is that he doesnt learn when we talk.. he seems to learn most with reading!! ill tell you this guy knows more about jose smith than I do!!! its sooo crazy!!! hahahahha but because of him we are able to see the fruits of our labors!!! which is such a blessing!
LUZ!!! is seriously one of the most beautiful people!! she seriously is Luz!!!! she is a light!! hahaha but she lives with her sister because her mom passed away a few years ago!!! and she had a really hard time with it... so the plan of salvation is soo amazing to teach with her! she is young so its hard for us to know how to help her and what she is feeling!! but i love her i want her to have the desire sooo bad...
and the LAURA... she doesnt say much but she is young tooo only 17 and has the sweestest baby ever.. DIAGO. awwwwww but lives in the humblest of circumstances but its interesting...

the people here are very how do i say this nicely... lazy???!?!?! hahahhah nooooo.... lets just say they dont do much... hahahah everyday we ask laura what she did today.... SIEMPRE.. NADA. hahahahhahah its sooo weird... I LOVE BEING BUSY!!! and i have realized that on the mission!!! hahahhah
YES mom... we have a cell phone... hahahahh but its very chuchi... hahahha just a brick.. but we can call and text soo what more do we need!! hahahahh but ummm we work a lot with menos activos and have our few progressing and then try to find new investigators and contacts... but our other big responsibility is stablizing the branch!!! a sister passed away recently and its been really hard.. there arent many active members and we are trying to find ways to help them!! but we had this IDEA... HELP THE MEMBERS BY LETTING THEM WORK WITH THE INVESTIGATORS!!! we are trying it this week sooo hopefully it works...
IT SERIOUSLY IS TRIAL and ERROR down here! hahahha but that is what makes it fun!! just slow in ituzaingo... ummm OH YEAH!!! the power has been out hahahahhahahah soooooo thats been fun... most nights are pitch black and we have to pull out the flashlights its a good thing you sent me one last minute!!! hahahaha thank you mom!! but we have been taking cold showers in the dark for the past couple days and our laundry never dries... hahahah oh this is funny.... soooooo we do our laundry in a bucket and lets just say i am finding ants and nats in places that they should never be... hahahahhaha the bugs are starting to come out! its going to be interesting come summer here.
SOOO HERE... NEVER HAVE I EATEN SOOO MANY CARBS. bread. pasta. rice. potatoes. its really gross... i feel like i am trying to be careful about what i eat but there is no way to stop the weight... so if i look fat in pictures PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!! my jeans still fit soo that is good! hahahhaha but its a good thing that we walk a ton!!! we ride the bus to some barrios but usually we just walk!! which is really good... my shoes are already wearing through! soo crazy! plus we eat with members everyday and they cook everything in vegetable oil hahahahahah reallllllll greasy. but its all good... I am finding things i like!!! I LOVE TOMATOES and they eat those ALL THE TIME!!! sooo hey tendermercy right there.
but everything is good... i dont think it is bad and that is why its hard i think that it just takes some adjustment and its a change!! but this week I have realized alot again about the grace of christ... 
I am still learning the language the culture the people, missionary work... everything... but christ knows everything about us and how to help us i love in 1 nephi... the first chapter verse 20 that the lord is going to give tendermercies to those who show their faith and that he will strengthen them enough to deliver them out of bondage... I am here in the middle of a foreign country... lost and alone and scared and overwhelmed.... but I am here and that is how i am showing my faith.. by going out everyday and working... teaching, finding, strengthening myself and others... and i know that christ is going to help me he is going to give me the help i need.. its all about putting our trust in him!! I want to be the best missionary that I can be for him... The best representative that HERMANA PITTS CAN BE!!!! he is the reason that I am here... and that I am able to do this work... its HIS WORK!! that brings me so much peace to know that...
I know that we can all overcome any trial or obstacle we face if we are faithful!!! this is what we are teaching baltasar luz and laura that we are not alone in this life and that we can overcome guilt sadness, heartache, fear... anything!!! with his help!! and he is just dying to help us we have the door knob and are the only ones who can let him in!!!! IT IS OUR CHOICE!!! 

i love you all and hope you have the best week ever!!
xoxo hermana pitts 

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