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# 8 Week in the Mission (Week 2 in Ituzaingo, Argentina) July 13, 2015

Week 2 here at the beach.. the weather has gone from being soo cold that i never take my coat off to now being humid and calor... hopefully it stays this way because i like not having to carry my coat around!! but what to say!! hahahahahah its just been another week here.. every day gets a little bit better and a little bit easier! 

we have a slight problem here in ituzaingo! there are a lot of willing people to listen to us but the problem is that they never want to commit.. there is no progression! us being 2 greenies and excited to start the work are trying to come up with ways that we can strengthen the rama and our investigators.. 

where to start! well tuesdays we travel to posadas for district meeting... hahahah we are the only ones who have to travel and we have about a 2.5 hour bus ride hahahahah gives us a lot of time to think and pray!!! but its good..
here in ituzaingo there are about 4 strong member families and the rest are menos activos that take turns coming to church.. its really interesting... hahahahah but 

ahhhh ok soo this week i have felt the workings of the atonement in my life... its amazing!! mom thank you soo much for that letter!! it seriously has changed my perspective on everything. The strengthing power of the atonement is soo real i dont know what i would do without it!! 

at the beginning of this week.. i was soo overwhelmed. here i am in a small beach town in the middle of argentina, feeling stressed because i have no idea what anyone is saying.. and i am frustrated with myself.. but i came to this realzation with the help of the spirit of course... but missionary work is supposed to be fun! me and hermana hartley decided that everyday we were going to do something fun! whether it was a noche de hogar with a member... it was a game with an investigator... doing a small act of kindness for a stranger. 

ever since we started doing this.. i have realized that missionary work is supposed to be robotic.. teach the restoration. then the plan of salvation. then get baptize. PEOPLE ARE INDIVIDUALS. they have needs and desires and we are their friends. WE HAVE TO TREAT THEM LIKE FRIENDS!!!! hahahahah we are having fun!!!!!! and looking for something fun to do every single day and It makes the world of difference! 

another testimony builder this week is the fact that heavenly father knows us each individually and has a plan for each one of us!!!!! HE knows our talents and our weaknesses and what we need to keep us motivated and how much we can handle.. I have learned that soo much this week!! 

Heavenly father knew that I needed to go somewhere where there werent a ton of expectations because i would get down on myself.. that I needed a companion and trainer that was newer... he knew that i needed elders that were excited to work and work with us as sisters.. he knew that i needed an american trainer so i could work out my frustrations! he knew that this area needed new and fresh ideas that come from inexperienced missionaries that dont have set ways of doing things!! there is no doubt that it is hard.. but every night i get on my knees and there isnt a day that goes by where i am not grateful.. greatful for my investigators and their progression for luz and baltasar and laura and for their faith... as it strengthens my own!!!

its hard but I am here for a reason and i know that heavenly father knows me and what i am going through.. seriously there is no way i could be doing this without divine help.. from the misquito bites, lizards all over our pension... endless sand between my toes to a lumpy mattress and mystery meat in the food.. I know that my savior knows exactly what i feel and he is the only one who can help me

MOSIAH 24.11-15 - his yoke is light and through him we can recieve the greatest joy possible. (mosiah 25:8) 

I love you all and hope you have the best week ever
Im praying for you all!!

¡Guarde la fe!
hermana pitts 

 Working as missionaries- Sister Hartley and Sister Pitts
 Hermanas in Argentina
President and Sister La Pierre and Ali and Sister Hartley

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