Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jan. 4, 2016

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Date: Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 1:44 PM
Subject: hace 2 dias..
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hahaha hola otra vez familia.... not much has happened in these past few days! hahahah we had this weird thing where our pday was friday because of the holiday and then again on monday! sooo its been a really short few days.... 

REALLY HOT! holy hannah... lets just say that its about 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity.. ok.. so for some of you like sare. thats nothing. hahahah but for al pal thats really hot! im missing my ski days right now! hahah big greg better save a few for me when i get back december 2016! but i love this whole new year! 

with the new year we can always well bueno... really we have the chance to start over whenever we want with the atonement... but too the new year is awesome because it is an excuse to start a new!!! but its a fresh start a clean slate!!! i love that! we can look forward and shake the dust off of our feet! But i am so grateful for our savior that allows us to change! wow seriously what a blessing! we are soo lucky to have a heavenly father that loves us so much that he gave us his son! he gave us a savior, someone that suffered so that we could start over again whenever we want to! its incredible! Im so grateful for this mission... although its hard... there are days when i wake up and think AGAIN????.... really??? but there is never a day that i regret! i love this opportunity to represent my savior and to help other people experience this new start! that people can change!!!

Change is soo good... even though we talk about it being hard. Ill tell you the secret! when things are hard... THEY ARE GOOD!!!!! it means that we are progressing! if we stayed in the same spot doing the same thing how boring would life be... and how would we ever progress to become like our father in heaven?!?!? it would be impossible! that is why change is soo great, its that we have the opportunity to become more like our heavenly father! we cant do it any other way!!! that is why i am here in the mission. i am learning and changing and growing and even though i am still leaps and bounds from where heavenly father and our savior are... I know that i am one step closer than i was 6 months ago... wait... i have almost 8 months now hahahahahha ok one step closer than i was 8 months ago! but really honestly i am so greatful for every single one of your examples... 

Remember that we have the chance to change! I love you guys and hope you have a great week..

keep the faith

hasta luego,

xoxoxo hermana pitts 


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