Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jan. 1, 2016

WHAT A WEEK..... sooooo good to talk to all of you last week... i swear skype is super weird. I FELT LIKE IT WASNT REAL... hahahah but i am so glad that you are all doing good and i hope you had a great navidad and new years! but lets see.... where do i even begin... I pretty much have to put 2 letters into one hahahah but anyways!

Last week was christmas and yes we were in a house of a member which was awesome and then because everyone here is a little bit tipsy our pdays were the holidays which is why i am writing you guys today! but yeah... so CHRISTMAS WAS BOMB!!!! ahhhhh seriously we had a devotional with president a cena with the rama and the whole enchilada. IT was super good.. one that i will always remember. but the monday after christmas we were kinda expecting some type of emergency transfer because 2 weeks ago when we were supposed to have transfers practically no one left! and so there were lots of rumors that president was going to do some changes after the holidays... 

Monday we recieved the call.... HOLY COW. I was dying I NOW HAVE A NEW BRAZILERA COMPANION!!!!!!! Soooo back story.. There is this hermana, hermana santos that i met a few months ago and i was dying first of all she was beautiful... 2 we started talking and we just had like a million things in common... and we just looked at each other and said one day WE HAVE TO BE COMPANIONS...Monday the leaders called us and told us the cambios.... HERMANA SANTOS WITH HERMANA PITTS IN RAMA 1. I almost cried. Lets just say I am REALLLLLLL excited to work right now! 

But so it was emergency transfers soo we were up all night packing and cleaning monday to leave tuesday!!! tuesday hermana santos came, but hermana woolf had to stay one more day becuase of her travel comps that had to cross and were having problems! but anyways... we finally got her sent off to ciudad del este and i was beyond giddy to start working with hermana santos.

But these past couple of days have been a whirl wind... a lot of contacting... a lot of cancelled appointments because this is the festival time... EVERYONE IS TRAVELLING. but igual... im excited for these next couple of weeks... me and hermana santos will be hermana leaders for this transfer, which is awesome! 

But lets seee.... really i am doing great now. im super excited! a few awesome things about hermana santos...

1. she is teaching me portuguese. estou aprendendo portuges muito 
(bom dia..... jajajaj cada manana when we wake up!)
2. she loves to do her hair!!!!! MIRACLES HAPPEN WHEN YOU BELIEVE!!!!!
3. she loves to shop..
4. she is hermana pitts as a brazilian.

But i want you all to know how grateful i am to have spent those few months with hermana woolf.. although it was hard I LEARNED A FULLLLLLL. seriously i learned how important prayer is... and how sometimes we have to sacrafice the things that we want for the plan of heavenly father. I love this mission with all my heart and even though sometimes i just think the things i am doing arent making a difference.. heavenly father knows. He knows what we are going though and with every hard moment there is a sweet one just around the corner. I love you guys soo much seriously i dont know where i would be without you guys. i know that this church is true this gospel is everything... and we must do everythin in our power to get back to our eternal home togther. that is why i am here... i came on the mission to learn more about this divine plan and how important it is in our lives... i learn it everyday! hahahhaha i love you 

keep the faith and have the best week.

xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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